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Trazadone 50 mg for insomnia

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    Trazadone 50 mg for insomnia

    Hi all,

    I was written a script for 50 mg of Trazadone to take nightly (to supplement my 150 mg of venlaflaxine during the day). My PCP told me to take it at night as it's an antidepressant that sedates; so it should help with insomnia. Hoping it works for me!

    Anyone familiar with it? Thanks for your input!
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    Originally posted by dm0329 View Post

    Anyone familiar with it? Thanks for your input!
    Yes, I am. I've been taking it for years now after trying so many different natural remedies that had no affect. It was effective starting with 50mg, then upped to 75, then 100 over the course of many years. Now I take 150mg and sleep like a baby. I was concerned about taking 150mg, but my doctor reassured me that it was safe and some of her patients take 200mg.

    It's been around for a long time and considered to be very safe with no problem of becoming dependent on it. The downside for me, however, it that it takes a couple hours to become sleepy enough to fall asleep. YMMV

    Hope it works for you and you get a good nights sleep!
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      I took it for a number of years. I started taking it only when I was on steroids for an MS flare. That used to be once or twice a year. But, I graduated, at some point, to taking it PRN to help me sleep. I didn't take it every night, but I did take it frequently. I started with 50 mg, but went up to 100 mg. Trazedone is known to be safe and not habit-forming.

      Eventually, I was able to transition to taking supplements instead (Melatonin didn't have great results; Valerian worked the best). I took Valerian nightly for about a year. Now, I use more natural techniques to help me sleep. I only take Valerian when I need it -- maybe once or twice a month.
      • 4-7-8 breathing technique
      • other deep breathing strategies
      • counting (sometimes just to 1 over and over; sometimes to 2; sometimes to 3 or 4 or 5 -- backwards and forwards, etc)
      • imagining myself in my "happy place" -- for me, my happy place is usually remembering a time that I spent with my grandchildren
      • mindfulness or meditation
      • thinking of a relaxing song
      • etc.

      I sometimes flit between more than one strategy. If I "change up" strategies, it helps to keep my mind on a technique, rather than allowing my mind to be distracted by thoughts of the day, or looking ahead to tomorrow, etc. It's those distracting thoughts that keep me awake.

      For people that still lie awake awhile, even with Trazedone, perhaps combining it with other strategies will help. Some of them require practice, during daytime hours, to work well for you. They are also good stress management techniques, so using them during the daytime is also good for your health.
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        Thanks for your replies! It's comforting to know that other folks have had (mostly) positive experiences with it.

        Although it's only been one week since I've starting it, I feel like a "zombie" the next day with bouts of dizziness. I think I may start weening myself off of it. I will say I got "sleep" if that what's it's called (felt drugged out for 8 hours).

        But, I haven't had restful sleep for sometime. So, I can't stay trying it for a week wasn't worth it, I suppose. Insomnia is makes you crazy!
        Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's learning to dance in the rain!


          I've never been in it. Is it possible that with time, the side effects will diminish? Since you did sleep, it may be worth a discussion with your doctor to see if that is the case.
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            Maybe you should start with 25mg instead of 50mg, and as Pennstater mentioned, it may diminish the side effect.

            Definitely, take with your Dr.!
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              I've tried this medication and it gave me about 2 hours of weird sleep (like going under anesthesia) and dry mouth. Not for me at all! When my neuro asked me if I was still taking this I said "no" and he didn't even look up or say another word. I wonder if this is a fairly unpopular med that our doctors just gave us to get out of their faces! Mamabug's tips are spot on. For me, there really has been no easy fix for this problem, sad to say.
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