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Looking to get Pregnant in 2018 - Which drug to take prior?

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    Looking to get Pregnant in 2018 - Which drug to take prior?

    I am very seriously looking to get pregnant mid to late next year. I would like to get on some sort of drug beforehand but want to make sure it will clear my system before getting pregnant. I am currently not on amy medications and somewhat recently diagnosed RRMS. I am thinking Ocrevus with a 3 month clearence from my system.

    Anyone else get pregnant recently? How did you navigate drug choice? Any advice is much appreciated.

    Thank You


    Obviously, pregnancy is a conversation you must have with your doctor. There are definitely MS DMTs to avoid if you are considering it. Also, you will want to keep your Vitamin D level up during pregnancy.

    Some questions you might ask your doctor suggested by Barts MS blog...

    Does MS affect my fertility?

    Will pregnancy affect the course of my MS?

    Will I be able to breast feed after delivery?

    How long before I fall pregnant must I stop my DMT?

    If I fall pregnant on a DMT will this affect the baby?

    Can I breast feed on my DMT?

    What is the risk of my children getting MS?

    Can I do anything to prevent them from getting MS?

    Am I more likely to need an assisted delivery because I have MS?

    Will I be able to have a normal vaginal delivery?

    Will I be able to have an epidural during labor?

    How you treat hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy?

    Should I continue taking my other drugs for my MS symptoms during pregnancy?

    What is the best treatment strategy for my MS? Should I go onto a DMT and get my MS under control before starting a family or should I first start my family?

    What is the best treatment strategy for my MS to maximize my chances of having a family and keeping my MS under control?

    How will having neutralizing anti-interferon beta antibodies affect my baby?

    Can I have IVF? Will the drugs that are used to induce ovulation affect my MS?
    What dose of vitamin D do you advise during pregnancy?

    Are oral contraceptive safer for my MS? Which contraceptive do you recommend?


      Hi InDeNileRiver and welcome to MSWorld

      I can't answer your question about pregnancy and the Disease Modifying Therapies.

      However, I would like to address questions posted by another poster.

      MS does not cause infertility. If a woman with MS has fertility problems it is due to another cause.

      We do not need special care such as an assisted delivery due to MS. If special care is needed it is due to other complications and not MS.

      We are very capable of having a vaginal delivery.

      Epidurals (spinal block) is best discussed with your Neurologist and OB-GYN.

      There are no guarantees with this disease and the possibility of our children getting MS is real. There isn't a mother who has MS that doesn't worry about passing this disease on to them There is no way to prevent the possibility of passing this disease on to our children ~ except by choosing not to have children and some with MS have made this choice.

      It is possible to have an exacerbation (relapse, attack, flare-up) during pregnancy or post-partum. Not all women do.

      Birth Control is perfectly fine to take when having MS.

      For reliable information please talk to your Neurologist and your OB-GYN.

      The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a wealth of reliable information:

      I have 2 children both born after my diagnosis. I did not have an exacerbation during pregnancy or post-partum. Both deliveries were C-sections but this had nothing to do with MS. The anesthesiologists would not do a spinal block (epidural) due to having MS (this may have changed by now).

      Hope that helps. Take care.
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        Well I am not a woman so I can't vouch for much about the delivery, epidural, or exacerbation during pregnancy.

        I do know that I saw a few articles when recently diagnosed about how most women didn't have exacerbations very often while pregnant. Which they also said that women were likely to have exacerbations very shortly after pregnancy. It credited this to pregnancy hormones keeping MS at bay.

        Which I will also say that after I married and we talked about trying for a kid I was contemplating going off my med to try to clean out my system. That didn't work for us. We planned on waiting until the next year when we got married. We made it from July until October before we we're pregnant.


          I think the other replies covered almost everything.

          I would like to comment on this - I am thinking Ocrevus with a 3 month clearence from my system.
          Ocrevus takes 48+ months to clear from your system before its safe enough to switch to other treatments so i don't think it would be my first choice before having a family.

          Good luck.


            Pregnancy and MS is covered in the current issue of MS Focus magazine.