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Copaxone and lipoatrophy

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    Copaxone and lipoatrophy

    I've been on Copax for 18 months and am starting have noticeable fat-loss spots in some injection areas. In what I've read about lipoatrophy, it happens more in thin people, or those that don't have good injection techniques. I have very little body fat but I think my techniques are good.

    Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with this? My skinny little arms (where I inject only one side a week, so each arm goes 2 weeks between shots) and my stomach are the worst, but thighs and hips are close behind.

    Will I get to the point of not having enough fat to continue Copax?

    Thanks for any advice.

    I also have a small/thin body and had the same thing happen to me. I couldn't even do my arms as there wasn't enough fat and it hurt like crazy! I changed my rotation and skipped the arms, concentrating more on my tummy, lower bottom and thighs, making absolute sure I didn't inject in the same spot as the time before!!

    I was on C for 5 years and I still have those fat loss pockets on my bottom only, but they really don't bother me anymore.

    I'm sorry you are having problems with this. Hopefully someone else will give you some better advice!
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      I got plenty of them too. The best way to prevent them is to make sure you are rotating well, which includes rotating the portion of the location you are injecting in, not just the location itself. For example, injecting in the lower portion of your thigh then the higher portion when you next reach your thigh in your rotation.


        For those of you who are on Copaxone, what is the difference between using an injector and not using one? Is one method better than the other?


          @ merganser - I would call and see about having a training nurse come back out to see you again. They may have some other things for you to try or may make recommendations such as seeing your neuro.

          I just had the training nurse come back out because I'm having such problems with lumps and pain. She said that I am doing everything right, and I have tried all of the tricks that they recommend.

          She said that I am having more of a reaction than the average person, but it is not what she would call severe. But she did say it was odd that my sites got sore and painful after 2 days or so. I have actually been limping starting 2 days after the leg shots. Will be talking to neuro at appt. in 2 weeks to decide if I will continue.

          @ woodstock - I have only been on the copaxone for 8 weeks, but I can tell you that they recommend manual injections if you can do them, because they generally give you less site reaction problems. I have found this to be the case, but not everyone does. My stomach and hips give me the least problems, but my arms and legs are awfully lumpy and painful.


            I too have developed lipoatrophy all over my butt. After years of being on this mediation if developed very quickly last fall (of course I am now OFF this medication). For those of you that posted to this thread - assuming you too went off the med when you developed the depressions - are you able to provide an update on your situation? Did the lipoatrophy improve with time? Get worse? Stay the same? Did anyone do any sort of intervention? I am seriously considering a fat transfer (known as a "BBL" to the buttocks). I have already consulted with three local plastic surgeons and have consults set up with three more plastic surgeons in Chicago.


              I too have developed lipatrophy all over my butt last fall (came on quite suddenly after several years on this drug). Obviously no longer taking this medication. Now looking into a BBL fat transfer. For people that developed their lipoatrophy years ago - has it gotten better with time? Worse? Stayed the same? I am devastated. Appreciate the input.