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If I'm in remission, then why do I feel so terrible?

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    I'm not alone!

    I have sure missed this forum. This is one of the best threads. It's good to see so many others just feel plain ol "crappy", with fatigue, aches, etc.

    With regards to over doing it, I'm with the rest of you. When I over extend and do too much, I am down for several days. When I go on a 'vacation' it takes a good week to recouperate. While traveling, I always fall asleep in the car. My vacation naps average 4-hours duration.

    It's good to see that is pretty much the MS norm, and that I'm not alone!

    Thanks all for the info!


      Good topic

      I don't have much to offer, but I do appreciate this thread.
      I too am considered R/R, but am affected most of the time as well.

      I see no difference in my body between an exacerbation, a psuedo exacerbation, a flare, or 'a bad day'. These are just words to me. The reality is that I struggle with symptoms daily and my life is diminished.

      Thanks for this topic.



        Just wanted to add...good thread!

        My neuro drew my a little chart when I was first diagnosed. I can't draw on here, but she outlined how you start at a high point, then you have a relapse (the line drops down) and then during the "remit" cycle you might climb back up to the high place you started, or you might be left with some deficits and not quite make it back to that original point of reference. So your next starting place is a little lower, another relapse, same thing happens with the graph, and that's why it's called a progressive disease even though it does remit.

        I must say that years ago when I'd have a relapse, I'd get right back to my original place, but in recent years I never quite get back everything, and I don't feel so great most of the time.

        But this is years into the disease. The weird thing about MS is it's so individual...what is "normal" for one isn't "normal" for another, but overtime you will learn your "normal." However, I think most of us agree that overdoing, although it's necessary at times, will mean we have to "pay the piper."

        Also, pay attention to what meds you're on. Sometimes meds can be the culprit in the "yuck" factor.

        This has been a great thread...I don't know why it's encouraging to hear that others don't feel great all the time, but it is. Sometimes I think we blame ourselves for not pushing hard enough, or trying hard enough, and to hear that others are feeling bad too lets us know we're not alone in the situation.