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PPMS: Highly Effective Decrease Risk of Wheelchair Bound

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    PPMS: Highly Effective Decrease Risk of Wheelchair Bound

    Okay people, I am really struggling this morning, but this study concludes the following:
    taking a highly effective disease modifying therapy can reduce the risk of becoming wheelchair
    bound for PPMS patients.

    Here are the relevant links:

    Thank you Marco. Sorry to hear that you are struggling this morning. Hopefully your day gets better!

    Interesting article, and yet they still mention the patients as having PPMS with relapses.

    Some with PPMS never have relapses (myself included).

    Also, this study contradicts other recent articles that discuss how new treatments are so badly needed for the neurodegeneration that occurs in PPMS.

    'Round and 'round we go...
    PPMS for 25 years (dx 1998)
    ~ Worrying will not take away tomorrow's troubles ~ But it will take away today's peace. ~


      I wish there was more good news for them to study and conclusions sound enough so they don’t feel the need to use words like “may” and other words to make guys like me wonder.
      maybe one day they will get harder evidence.
      Thanks Marco. I’m rolling with this because simply… there ain’t much else.
      It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.