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No interest in Dr. Sadiq's stem cell treatment for progressive MS?

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    Stemedix is in Florida and stemgenics is in San Diego.

    both are price prohibited


      Aarcyn, I don't know of these stem cell clinics that you mentioned. I trust the clinics that perform FDA approved procedures and conform to their standards. I am certain that
      other clinics exist that perform stem cell replacement in the U.S. But my inquisitive mind is curious as to why the pioneer in the stem cell field is performing clinical trials at Northwestern University for the past 20+ yearsi nstead of working in the private sector . There is going to be some discussion on this topic at the next AAN conference, soon. Good luck !


        Any feedback on stem sell treatment received overseas ?

        Hi MSers
        Iím wondering if anyone has received stem sell treatment overseas (Panama, Russia. Israel or so) and can share his/her experience here with us ?

        I know many travel overseas for this purpose but Iím puzzled why donít we see any feedback from those who have been treated ! !



          Hi brave, when this topic
          I have been trying to get similar answers from all of the MSers, here, but that has proven to be a 'tough nut to crack' ! You can expect to see a response from me, many times, when this topic arises ! Good luck


            There is a local woman with either SPMS or PPMS who had a good results (so far) with stem cell treatment. I have been meaning to get ahold of her and visit her, but alas I have yet to do so. When I do, I plan to report back here.

            For now, I'd like to tell you all about the facebook group ... there's one called HSCT Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant - MS & Autoimmune Diseases ... that is pretty active with folks who have had it and who are considering it. Don't know if that helps anyone here or not, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I am in no way affiliated with the group and am in fact a 'lurker' there. I just don't know what to think about it all.

            Not officially diagnosed due to non-MS-specific spots on MRIs, but the neurologists all agree it's MS.
            Frustrated. January 2019: finally saw an MS specialist worth seeing. Maybe we'll get to the bottom of this.
            EDSS of 5.5, sometimes 6.0