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Finally got the diagnosis

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    Finally got the diagnosis

    Maybe not the best news, but I am progressive relapsing. All because of one enhanced lesion in my brain. Neuro has me starting a round of prednisone and amantadine. I'm waiting on insurance approval for Aubagio. I will read the med forum again, but does anyone want to chime in on side-effects or anything?


    I have no experience with Aubagio to relate but I'm sure you have found that thread here and people taking it may have experiences to share with you about it.

    I wanted you to know that you are important and thought about in the best way for success with this treatment option and in every aspect of enjoying life.

    I saw your post and wanted you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you that joy and blessing touch your life today, in spite of MS.


      I've been on Aubagio for two months, about. No side effects at all.


        Hi Lady,
        It looks like you must have gotten the news on 3/23?

        That's my "official" definitive diagnosis date as well. 3/23/15 though. and RRMS

        I am sorry and wish you the best. I have found it general "ok" living with MS but it can be stressful.
        RRMS Dx: 3/23/15
        (Optic Neuritis Dx 2/27/15; Feb/2014 right leg numbness--at the time diagnosed as Sciatica, but probably first episode)
        Started Tysabri 5/22/15: (Infusions: 5/22/15, 6/18/15, 7/16/15)


          I'm glad but sad for you. I have no experience with Aubagio. But I wanted you to know that we are thinking about you.
          MS World

          PPMS DX 2001



            Hello Lady,

            I'm glad you've finally gotten a diagnosis, sad that you have the one you've got.
            I'm on Aubagio, about 15 months, and tried Amantadine also.

            The Amantadine helped my fatigue a bit for the first couple of weeks, but stopped being effective very quickly, so I stopped using it. No logic in taking something that wasn't helping. However, I've been a chronic insomniac for a long time, so fatigue is almost a no-brainer.

            The Aubagio is a breeze. One little blue pill, once a day. Side effects are next to nothing. About 5-6 weeks in I had very mild GI upset after eating greasy stuff. Very mild, didn't even take OTC stuff, but worth mentioning, as others have said similar things.

            Around month 6-7 I had a bit more hair in my brush than usual. My normally observant husband never noticed a thing. It did make me nuts for a few weeks, but stopped and all has grown back in. Some say to take Biotin (find it in any vitamin section), but I didn't bother.

            I'm a bit more thirsty that I used to be, so I drink more water than before, but is that a med side effect? an MS thing? or because I'm 56? Who knows? It's water, can't be a bad thing to drink more of it, right?

            Let us know when the insurance works out. Have you gotten set up with the One to One yet? They were a help untangling my insurance in the beginning. I got denied at first, they provided me the Aubagio free until I won the appeal. 9 months!!

            Best wishes!!
            "Hope for the best and plan for the worst. That way, all your surprises will be pleasant."
            Verin Mathwin, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


              Thanks for replying everyone!

              I had my first call with the one-to-one nurse. Since we have Tricare, if it won't cover the Aubagio fully, we would be stuck with rest. As long as it's not horribly expensive, I will try it even though it scares me. I pray I am as lucky as those of you without side effects; especially as we're trying to go on a cruise this fall. Unfortunately, since we are Tricare, there is no further financial assisstance from the drug company.

              I'm doing ok since starting the oral steroids. My walking is better, but not as good as early last week. Maybe that's the progressive side? Not sure the Amantadine is really doing much since I still can fall asleep easily mid-day for several hours.

              Speaking of travelling, does anyone take along assisstive devices such as a cane, even if you're not currently using anything? Should I have something from doc stating I have MS when I travel? Anything else I'm not thinking of? Prayers and good thoughts going out to all of you!