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    MRI question

    Radiologist report of MRI states

    "There are at least three frontal small subcortical nonenhancing white matter lesions, would be consistent with a reported history of multiple sclerosis".

    My neurologist told me after my MRI that there was nonspecific white matter and that's it. He did a LP and told me all was well.

    He then said I needed to go to a secondary facility and recommended John Hopkins. Before JH can get me an appointment, they need all my med records, so I went to the imaging center to get the radiologist report for the MRI that is when I saw what I wrote in the beginning.

    Basically I'm just confused. Does my neurologist have a different opinion than the radiologist or is he maybe just not comfortable making any type of diagnosis, hence why he's sending me to JH?

    Hi acvfalcon,
    I think your last statement is correct. I'll bet your current neuro is NOT an MS specialist. It doesn't look like he/she is following the most current diagnosis criteria.
    I certainly wish you do not get an MS diagnosis but when you get into JH, you should return with a diagnosis, MS or not MS. Good luck


      Your Neurologist is the only one that could give you a correct reason for why he is referring you to another facility.

      The MRI and report is not a diagnosis.

      It's up to the Neurologist to determine what the MRI findings mean for you through other testing. Patience is needed when MS is suspected as no single test, by it's self, can give a diagnosis of MS. Many conditions can cause similar symptoms as those seen in MS and there can be other causes for lesions found on MRI.
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        From my basic understanding I meet the minimum of lesions. As far as the clinical attacks or whatever it is the criteria states I'm not sure what exactly that means.

        I've been hospitalized 2 times since December 2015 with Ms like symptoms that started me down this journey.

        To be honest if I get a ms diagnosis, part of me will be relieved that I finally know what's going on.

        And to touch on what you said, I live in your small town America area. The local neurologist doesn't take my insurance so I have to go to an even smaller town in Delaware to see one. Besides me all the parents in his office seem to be your run of the mill elderly recovering from a stroke on teenager who got a concussion playing sports. So I'm like 99.9% sure he didn't feel comfortable either way with my case.


          From your description, I'll bet you are consulting a 'general neurologist'. That's ok but you really need to see an MS specialist. And I suspect that you can get to th Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (HUP) or JH to see one. Or, maybe, you can find one in private practice, near you location. Either way, you need to find a neurologist that has experience with problems other than strokes and concussions! The only way to do that is to research ! Ask questions of the radiologists that read your MRI's! Good luck Happy hunting