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    So many doctors....

    WELL here it goes. I started having symptoms about 5 months ago that started with a tightness in the center of my chest and my right eye twitching. The chest tightness spread over the course of a few months to both of my shoulders, the twitching spread to different points throughout my body and periods of my toes, face, and feet tingling (along with other random parts such as wrists). My right calf about a month in to my symptoms started feeling heavy and it felt weird to walk on, but I never fell or had trouble walking.

    I’ve also had a very hard time concentrating on anything and trouble thinking. I have seen a neurologist, and rheumatologist, a couple GPs and even an endocrinologist. I’ve had an MRI w/ contrast of my brain and c spine, came back clear. Nerve conduction and EMG came back clear. AAAAALLL of the blood tests I have had have come back clear (any blood test you can think of) and I am at a loss. I have even had a spirometer and echo stress test done which were fine. Should I still pursue MS? The only thing I have yet to have to rule it out is a spinal tap. Any input helps!

    Hi Rrrichard,

    There is no single test, by it's self, that can give a definitive diagnosis of MS, that includes the Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap). The diagnostic criteria relies heavily on MRI evidence, Yours are clear which is a good thing

    Best wishes!
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      I am not a doctor but I think you are on the right path of discovery. There are many mimics of MS for your doctors to rule out. MS is a disease that is diagnosed through exclusion. I hope you find a diagnosis that has effective treatment.
      If you have had a lot of blood tests, then I suppose, you must know your vitamin D levels. Good luck