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22 years, strange symptoms, HELP!

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    22 years, strange symptoms, HELP!

    Hi all,

    I've been in Limbo since may this year whetever I have this Neurological decease or not...

    I started having strange symptoms early may: a tremor in my hands, a strange crawling sensation, muscle jerks, eyelid jerks ect... I started getting worried and contacted my GP. He told me he'd run some bloodtests. If there was nothing found, he would send me to the Neuro department (it could be something far worse then, like ALS or MS). He siad those words without even examining me, which scared me. Ive spend days and days on Google for awnsers, tried if my reflexes were OK and getting more anxious by the day. I started having panic attacks too.

    Went to a Neurologist in June, she preformed a Neurological Exam, which was OK. She ordered some bloodtests and two weeks later i had an nerve conduction test. Everything was fine...

    My symptoms quicklydisappeared afterwards, and I was feeling fine. 5 weeks later i experienced some symptoms again. The crawling sensation was back, ive had muscle jerks, a buzzing feeling in my feet and hands, sharp pains all over my body, and a burning, stabbing pain in my face, fingers and toes and pins and needles in my sleep (sometimes during the day). I again contacted the Neurologist. I went again mid august, she again ordered some bloodtests, and I had the results 2 weeks later. Everything was OK, no Lyme, no vitamin deficiencies, a good CK. In the meanwhile my symptoms had disappeared again. She said it was most likely stress and anxiousness. I know stress can simulate this kind of symptoms.

    But the first week of september, out of the blue, I started getting symptoms again... I wasnt stressed or anything (not that I am aware of), but I experienced the burning feeling again. My toes and fingers hurted, my muscles were tense, I frequently woke up with pins and needles in my hands (both but not same time) while laying in a normal position. Some days are hell, other days feel like iam OK. As of now, my calf muscles are painfull and I'am feeling sharp stabbing pains in my toes and fingers/hands.

    Again contacted the Neurologist, she finally orderd me a MRI of my brain to rule out MS.

    My questions are (and this one I couldn't find anywhere)

    Is it possible to have 3 MS-attacks in less than 3 moths ?
    The first one 3 weeks, then 5 weeks nothing. The second one 3 weeks and a week nothing, and now the third one (first week was heavy, now almost feeling OK). Docters told me it would nearly be impossible for MS to strike that fast

    Is it possible to be just anxiety and stress?
    I wonder that because if it is, why haven't I experienced eyelid jerks, crawling sensations and a buzzing feeling in my latest attack, only in the ones before?

    Can stress also trigger hand numbness in my sleep? I didnt have it before, surely not this frequent.

    Does this sound like MS at all?

    Note: Negative for babinski, Lhermitte's, Hoffmann. All body reflexes were present and normal. CK was OK 2 times. I'am not feeling tired at all (fatigue). My legs do feel tense and my muscles are painfull, but i can walk a few miles a day without any problem. Heat like a hot shower doesn't make my symptoms worse. I wear glasses cause my sight is bad (my left eye does feel off sometimes, but my optician and Neurologist didnt find anything abnormal). Hand tremors are common in my family. I dont use medications or drugs. I consume alcohol but only once or twice a week. Sometimes symptoms like a buzzing feeling in my foot reslove after a day or 2 and never come back. Only the sharp stabbing pains keep coming back.

    I hope someone can help me with my limbo story, I'am really freaking out over it.

    Hi Peter

    Sorry that you are having so many symptoms, with no explanation at this time.

    It looks like, so far, there isn't any indication of MS, according to your neurological test results and your neurologist.

    Your brain MRI will help to rule out other conditions too.

    You say that you are very anxious, and have panic attacks at times. Are you being treated for the anxiety? It would be difficult to know if the symptoms are indeed anxiety related, if you're not getting treatment.

    I guess for now, all that you can do is wait for the MRI testing and the results. And try to get some help to manage your anxiety. Anxiety and panic can affect us with physical symptoms.

    Hopefully your symptoms will ease up in the meantime.

    Let us know what you find out, if you want to.

    Take Care
    PPMS for 24 years (dx 1998)
    ~ Worrying will not take away tomorrow's troubles ~ But it will take away today's peace. ~