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Muscle spasms and twitching

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    Muscle spasms and twitching

    Hi all. I've had muscle spasms and twitching for about 18 months now. They've gotten way worse in the past month. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but my rheumatologist said muscle spasms and twitching are not symptoms. So I am seeing a neurologist next week. Needless to say, I'm very worried I have MS. I know that one autoimmune disorder puts us at greater risk to develop another one. I've also had visual hallucinations for the first time ever (over the past 18 months). I have balance issues and cognitive problems as well.

    I'm scared.

    Welcome Leana77.

    Sorry to hear you are exhibiting symptoms unrelated to your RA diagnosis. Unfortunately, one auto immune disease does raise the risk for others. But even then, having one doesn't mean you will have another.

    Glad you scheduled with a neuro. Unlike RA, an MS diagnosis results after other mimics are ruled out and MRI scans support MS. I have not heard of visual hallucinations as a symptom of MS. Your other symptoms could be symptoms of MS, but they can also have other causes. As hard as it is, try not to jump ahead to any conclusions.

    Lots of luck next week. Let us know how your appointment goes.
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      Hi Leana77 and welcome to MSWorld.

      While you wait for your Neurology appointment you might try stretching exercises for the muscle spasms and twitching as well as other exercise. Exercise can be helpful for these types of symptoms.

      If you take any medication you may want to research their side effects. Medication side effects have the ability to cause symptoms that one might think is due to some sort of health problem. I have certainly had my fair share of negative side effects from medications including one I had been on for quite some time.

      Best wishes on your up coming Neurology appointment
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        Thanks for your insight snoopy and penstater. I read that hallucinations are a rare symptom, but I just find it interesting that they started around the same time as the spasms. I will be patient and wait for the results of whatever tests the neurologist does. I am on quite a few meds for bipolar disorder but when these symptoms started, I hadn't started any new ones. I do suspect Seroquel might be to blame. It's possible this side effect just took a while to show up.

        My primary doc prescribed Baclofen and I took my first dose a few hours ago. It made me very sleepy so I don't know how sustainable it is to treat the spasms. I was taking Flexeril and it stopped working about two weeks ago.