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Have your mri’s looked like this and had same symptoms?

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    Have your mri’s looked like this and had same symptoms?

    Waiting on next appointment. Neuro said gait is stiff and off, knee hyperflexia, ankle clonus, fatigue and right eye pain. He wants tap for definitely diagnose. If you were betting people does this look like ms? Thank you

    Hi Bk1975.

    We don't read/look at MRIs nor can we tell you if you have MS, all of this is up to your Neurologist.
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      HI bk1975 and welcome to MSWorld! The links to your MRI images didn't come through, but as Snoopy said, none of us are qualified to tell based on any MRI images.

      Usually, on the radiologist's notes attached to the MRI's there are findings to refer to and your neurologist should be discussing this with you.

      I hope you don't have MS, but if you do, you've come to a good place to discuss and ask questions here.

      Take care and good luck with your spinal tap! Let us know how it goes.
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        Hello Bk1975!

        Sorry if you felt as though you got welcomed to MS World with a body slam! Bk, I want you to know that Snoopy does not speak for me on any issue, so whomever the "we" refers to in her response, let me assure you it does not include me. What I am certain of is that Snoopy did not intend to hurt your feelings or anyone else's. We all, and especially me, sometimes say things which hurt someone's feelings w/o ever intending to do so. Snoopy meant no offense, she really didn't.

        You asked an entirely legitimate question! Thank you for posting and initiating discussion! That is how we all learn. It is entirely okay to ask for opinion, or insight, or even speculation. The free exchange of ideas can be educational and very beneficial at a time when we are gathering information about our own condition, MS and/or neurological diseases.

        Bk1975, since your post mentioned MRI images and how MS might appear on MRI, may I direct you to a source which might help in that regard? As you are aware, MRI images are incredibly nuanced and it takes someone with extensive training and expert knowledge to understand and diagnose what they are seeing when they look at an MRI. I'll post a link below. Also, I encourage you to spend a little time at that site, which is Bart's (London School of Medicine) MS Blog.

        Here you go. Good Luck and thank you so much for posting!

        MRI: A land of confusion?

        "When patients present with typical clinical and radiological features, MS is not difficult to recognize. However, things are not always what they seem to be at first glance!"