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Find a MS specialist in your area!

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    Find a MS specialist in your area!

    From the National MS Society:

    The National MS Society’s Partners in MS Care program involves healthcare professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation. Healthcare professionals recognized as Partners in MS Care:

    demonstrate knowledge and experience in MS care,
    have a special interest in treating people living with MS, and
    work closely with the Society

    Please contact an MS Navigator for additional names of healthcare providers.
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    Thanks , Seasha. That info is very helpful. It would have been great for me to know this 6 years ago since it took me 6 years to identify an MS specialist in my area.


      Looking for Neurologist in downtown Toronto

      Hi, I'm currently a patient at the MS Clinic at St. Mike's in downtown Toronto. I've had a number of bad experiences with this clinic, although I do not want to badmouth anybody. I've decided that my neurologist and I simply are a bad match personality-wise, and would like to find a new one.

      The problem is that hospitals do not allow for transfers to a new doctor that is affiliated with their department. Even though I got a great recommendation and my GP sent in a referral to a new neurologist, it was rejected because they are affiliated with St. Mike's even though their office is off-site.

      So I am looking for recommendations, if anybody has a suggestion!

      Thank you.