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MS is a pain in my neck. Anyone Else?

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    wow- same boat kinda

    WOW! I am surprised that this neck pain issue is more common than i thought. My neck pain jump-started the ms dx too. I had severe neck and shoulder pain left side for years. I had an abnormal EMG and MRI showed a herniated disc. I had the disc repaired at 22 years old:/, thinking this would solve all my issues. YEA RIGHT. It helped the pain ALOT until it flared right back up 3 months later.

    Doctors thought something went wrong with surgery until they ruled that out, then new symptoms just kept piling on eventually leading to diagnosis at 23. The things that I have found that help is DO NOT look down to read, write, etc. Get a reclining chair and adjustable table that tilts along with a neck pillow. Wearing a cervical collar at night helps too. I also have a TENs unit that helps sometimes when nothing else will.

    Finally found an awesome new cream called ketoprofen that my doc prescribed- works AMAZING-like a stronger deeper form of Icy hot-hope all these tips help. The only med I found that works is valium. I tried soma, flexeril etc and none worked so my neurosurgeon recommended valium since it is a powerful muscle relaxer and it works great when you are trying to go to bed.

    ** Moderator's note - Post broken into paragraphs for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print. **


      MS is a pain in the neck!

      My neck pain started this morning. This is a new symptom for me. I was dx in 2016 at age 53; although I look back at different points in my life and realize that I have most likely had MS for a decade. I had to go back to bed and rest today. Even though this thread is 5 years old your comments are what I needed to read. I feel odd running to my Dr (whom I like a lot) with every ailment. She says itís not a new MS symptom unless it last for 24 hrs. This thread calmed me and gave me great ideas of what to do. Thank you all So much!