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why an EEG?

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    Re eeg

    Thanks Dave,having mine Thursday.just want to see Likes f nerve damage,or mini stroke.maybe ms🎃

    The EEG measures the electrical activity from one point in your brain to the other. As from your temple to the back of your brain. Disturbances can reveal many things like a problem in your emotions to you vision center. They measure a lot of lines and line interactions. It is the Primo of it's time and still is to sort out brain electrical activitie disturbances.

    Mine shows from the temple to the back of the visual center is a scarred area from a silent stroke I had years ago. It shows that my emotions have to re-route around the damaged area (pot hole) to get to the visual center. It shows that I have a lot of re-routing going on in the stroke area since it is damaged or dead tissue and thus effects a lot of traffic that has to go through there. Great diagnostic tool.

    No pain involved and gives tons of information. No need to fear and is much cheaper than an MRI for isolating problems.

    Take care. Just keep telling yourself it's a good thing and tells you and them a lot.


      Originally posted by jjs View Post
      she took a pointed object and rubbed down the bottom of both of my feet. ... My feet did not move. It really shocked me. I thought for sure I was in for a big tickle, however nothing happened. She seemed really puzzled by it. I did not ask her about it but I guess I should have. Maybe someone here has some wisdom on what that was all about?
      Hi jjs,

      Read about the Babinski reflex. It's one of the first things they do when a baby is born. The toes will curl and basically it's a quickie neurological test.