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Need Help just had Endometerial Ablasion!!!!

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    Need Help just had Endometerial Ablasion!!!!

    Hey maybe someone can help me I'm 28years old and had an endometrial ablation March 1st and I seemed to heal alright had sex with my boyfriend for the first time in forever on May 7th then there was some pain and bleeding, thought the poor guy had bad timing and I got my period but it's June 10th now and I didn't get a period yet but I'm having the cramp like pains,did I have sex to soon? Everything I look up says give your body three months to heal? I also read that some women don't have periods any more while some will get just spotting.

    Any help would be awesome I feel bad cutting my boyfriend off again.

    After bleeding/spotting for 2 years I finally had one when I was 45. It was the best thing that ever happened to me lol. I'm 54 now and have not seen a spot of blood since. It healed pretty quickly and no pain. Since you're young I would go back to the doc and tell him/her about your pain. I'm not sure why you had the procedure but don't let the pain continue without running it by your doc.
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