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Pregnant and unsure

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    Pregnant and unsure

    Hi I'm 32 weeks pregnant with our little miracle boy. We have been told I could not get pregnant ( they dx my MS as cushion syndrome 8 years ago) anyway, we moved to South Africa 4 years ago and I must admit, the Neuro was good at dx but support from him is none existing. My gynea has not had a full term MS patient ever so he is as much in the dark as I am.

    I had a suspected flare up in month 2 with my feet and legs going dead. No treatment but it only lasted 4 weeks. Gynea said it was pregnancy related but now at 8 months my legs are fine and I only have slight back pain. So I'm fairly sure it was a flare.

    I would love to hear from other MS mommies on their experiences and how soon after to restart dmds. I want to give birth the way nature intended if possible.

    I am using betaferon and I know when dosing up I have bad reactions. Thats why I want to avoid a c section.

    Hi LizB and welcome to MSWorld.

    Exacerbations (relapse, flare-up, attack) can happen during pregnancy as well as post-partum. What you experienced very well could have been a relapse.

    Not every woman or every pregnancy will result in an exacerbation.

    I had 2 children after I received my diagnosis of MS. Both pregnancies were unremarkable MS wise. I didn't have a problem with my MS during my pregnancy or post-partum.

    I want to give birth the way nature intended if possible.
    I think for every woman that is what we all want regardless of MS or no health problems

    Unfortunately, sometimes 'the way nature intended' doesn't always work out With my first one, after many hours of labor and pushing, my Dr. decided I would need a C-section.

    With my second child my Dr. felt it was best to schedule a C-section and try to go the way of what nature intended.

    My gynea has not had a full term MS patient ever so he is as much in the dark as I am.
    MS does not affect or cause a problem with going full term.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy Relax and enjoy!
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      Hi LizeB,

      Welcome to MSWorld and congratulations on your pregnancy!

      how soon after to restart dmds
      DMTs are not recommended during pregnancy, but can be restarted again as soon as you deliver (unless breastfeeding). Relapse rates are higher post-partum, which is why restarting one after you deliver is important to consider. Here is a link about pregnancy and MS to the National MS Society I hope you will find informative:

      I had my second child before I was dx'd with MS, although what I now know were symptoms of MS began before conception. I did not have a relapse post-partum, but what is now my weak leg collapsed during a normal delivery. My doctor commented on how unusual that was, but there seemed no cause for alarm as it became completely functional again shortly therafter. I did hemorrhage a week later, which my doctor said was a result of my uterus failing to contract. After an IV drip of Petocin, it began contracting again as it should and there was no need for any further intervention. Did that happen because of MS? It's possible, but there's no way to know for certain.

      Best wishes on your delivery and enjoying your new life with your sweet baby boy.

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        I hope your pregnancy is still going well! I have three children and they were all born "differently" so as far as having a natural birth I can tell you that it is possible! I had all three of them vaginally and my second one was both born at home AND sunnyside up. My first was born in a hospital and my third, though a planned home birth was born in the hospital because our midwife got nervous.

        I know a LOT of moms with MS and can tell you that just like other moms there is a huge range of what people choose is right for them.

        As far as I know, IVIG is the one treatment that is considered 'safe' during/after pregnancy. I was only able to get it when I was pregnant or nursing because of that designation (was a few years ago, info could have changed!)

        Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
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          Once you have the baby you can get back on your MS drug right away, assuming your not breastfeeding. I lucked out and never had a post partum relapse.
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