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Bladder surgery & hysterectomy or not?

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    Bladder surgery & hysterectomy or not?

    Hello all, I hope you all can help with this decision. Like most everyone here I have MS and I have had 3 children, all natural childbirth if that makes any difference.

    My GYN who I have had since I was 20 years old, I am now 52, OMG, I can't believe that number, says I need my bladder tacked up and a hysterectomy. I had tumors on my ovaries & cervix last year that had to be removed, they were benign, thank goodness, but he was afraid it was cervical cancer. My father's family has quite a bit of cancer, my father had cancer twice and died from pancreatic cancer. At the time of the surgery he wanted me to schedule a hysterectomy and bladder surgery to help with my bladder leakage. But like any good procrastinator, it's a little over a year since then and I have done neither.

    I'm not having any female problems so I really don't know that I want the hysterectomy, but the bladder is a different story. I'm getting to where I cannot make to the bathroom in time, and I would say 95% of the time. I'm not in depends yet but I could not go out without Poise Pads ever, even at home. I'm up a couple times at night and then most of the time I have a hard time getting back to sleep and that just adds to the severe fatigue. My doctor would use one of those bladder slings, which I know there is some bad press out there. But he said he has good luck with them and as with anything some women do have problems with them.

    Ok my question, I'm not in pain but I see this getting worse, will this really be worth the recovery that MSers have to endure. The surgery last year, just day surgery, took about 2 months to get over. But I'm beginning to see that this may really be more of a problem and affecting my health more than I realize and not just a terrible nuisance. But I'm not in pain, I don't need more than a pad right now, should I just leave this alone?

    Has anyone else had this done and if so, did it help? Will you please share your experience? Thanks so much!!! You all always come through for me. I've got to where I don't do anything of importance until I've checked with all of you. All of you are like family, I really trust y'all more than most of my friends, no one can really understand what a regular procedure like this can do when you have MS. Ok everyone, please share!!!

    I actually just got back from the gyn and found that I have a prolapsed bladder. This means that the vaginal wall that usually supports the bladder and keeps it in place has weakened and now the bladder is pushing into the vaginal space. I'm 36.

    If your dr is saying that you need both the bladder tacked up and the hysterectomy, then most likely you have the same thing, but also the uterus is pushing down as well.

    If you were to only tack up the bladder, and the uterus was still pushing down, now the uterus would most likely move into the space where the bladder was and you'd really be back at square one (since your uterus would be pressing on your bladder still).

    I understand where you're coming from; surgery brings its own risks and recovery times.

    However, I would talk to your doctor further about the risks of NOT having it done. This could be anything from increased UTI's, further prolapse of both the uterus and bladder to the point where the pelvic organs are pushing out of the vaginal opening, etc.

    My gyn suggested I get a referral to a physical therapist who specializes in strengthening the pelvic floor and/or seeing a urogynecologist since my prolapse is still at a 2nd or 3rd degree and may be controlled through this instead of surgery.

    Either way, good luck and I hope you're able to come to a decision that is best for you!


      Thank you so much for responding to my question. Like I said it's been a year since by GYN and I discussed this, when I read your response it reminded me that yes, the uterus had dropped and all that needed to be removed and bladder tacked. That was the reason for the hysterectomy. You are so right.

      I'm going to make an appointment in the next day or two and schedule a consult to have this done. You are right, I'm just looking for more problems down the road. I guess I have selective memory pertaining to this.

      I hope someone who has had this done will post and tell us their experience. Does this really help with the leakage? Thanks!!!


        I had this done.....

        It was the hysterectomy first , then about a year after , I had to have the bladder sling ( mine technically is a tape sling) surgery.
        Both successful. I had it done in 2010 , and it still is working.
        Recovery from the hysterectomy was hardest , mine was done open abdominal incision, not laparoscopic. The bladder surgery , I took took 2 days off work . Felt fine when I went back to work. Just a little sore.
        DX'07 MS- on Tysabri-


          Thank you TL for your response, it is very helpful. Has the bladder sling helped you? Does it work?


            tl-tr3....was the bladder sling done vaginally? I had something done during my abdominal hysterectomy, but, it was done vaginally. I have been in misery ever since. Wondering if this was it?



              It was done vaginally.
              But I did have 2 small incisions outer --
              I had no abdominal surgery with my bladder procedure.

              Yes it worked , still working 4 yrs later.
              DX'07 MS- on Tysabri-


                Originally posted by hikick1 View Post
                tl-tr3....was the bladder sling done vaginally? I had something done during my abdominal hysterectomy, but, it was done vaginally. I have been in misery ever since. Wondering if this was it?
                You probably need to see a urogynecologist, if at all possible. They are specialists in issues of the pelvic floor.

                Unfortunately, MS can be a contributing factor to pelvic prolapse issues. It weakens the musculature, and prolapses are a result. I've had my share of prolapse surgeries.

                If you're looking for more info, try the site hystersisters...they have loads of information on hysterectomy and prolapse reapirs.


                  Bladder surgery...NOT

                  In the last 10yrs: endless humbling tests, medication tries like 7 different ones. 4 bladder related surgeries to date..
                  Then I'm told my bladder has dropped,
                  1st surgery. He placed a bladder sling.
                  2nd surgery.4 yrs later had it removed it was "stretched" to far and grew into me. I still have clamps in me, they were to embedded to remove.!!
                  3rd - to test a stimulator, I had wires and a box hanging out of me for 3weeks.
                  4th- to place a permanent battery pack in my hip.
                  5th one coming up to have that removed BECAUSE ITS AN MS ISSUE !!!!
                  No one caught/suspected MS. Until now 20 years later,ughhh.
                  Now a new urologist on the scene to 'practice' something else....