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fibroid embolization

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    fibroid embolization

    Going in next week for uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Looking forward to the results, but hoping the recovery goes smoothly!

    The interventional radiology told me I could theoretically run a marathon the next day - but I wouldn't feel like it. Nevermind that I would actually never feel like running a marathon! But fatigue is supposed to be a symptom during immediate recovery.

    I just keep thinking that no matter how bad it is, it's not the same risk as the abdominal surgery I would have to have otherwise. It's just a little cut into an artery so they can get into the arteries to the fibroids and block off the blood supply. Because of location and size, the other option would've been hysterectomy. I just wasn't up for that, plus 6 weeks of recovery.

    Mostly, I just needed to get that off my chest. Not sure if I want to read any horror stories of bad recoveries ... but I guess if you have any ideas to make the few days afterward nicer, I'm happy to hear them. I only have to spend the night in the hospital to make sure the cut into the artery heals properly.

    Post-procedure update!

    I had the UFE done on Thursday and came home Friday. I'll definitely be back to my normal routine next week. In fact, the friend who picked me up at the hospital was surprised how good I looked when she picked me up (I'd picked her up after she had a lumpectomy, and she looked pretty bad).

    I chose this procedure to reduce my risk of MS relapse, and because I didn't have anyone to take care of me in my walk-up building for 6 weeks (if I'd had a hysterectomy). So far, I'm pleased.

    The only change in protocol because of the MS: they didn't give me an epidural for the procedure, but I also wasn't under general. I was sedated, but I could hear what was going on. I'm glad we didn't use the epidural because I really didn't need it. The pain medication was in one of those on-demand pumps Thursday night and I only hit the button 2 times during the night. The nurses were surprised, but so was I. Just a heating pad was sufficient. And so far, my only pain has been like menstrual cramps - and for me, far less pain than some cramps I've had in my life.

    So if anyone is considering UFE, I'd recommend it if your doctor thinks it's an option.

    I'll try to remember to post an update after the 6-week check-up. It's kind of hard to find any patient testimonials online beyond those on sites advertising particular clinics.