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Pain in the Butt litterly!

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    Pain in the Butt litterly!

    I have been having major muscle spasms for the last couple weeks I can watch them in my legs and buttocks along with other parts of my body.
    My medication is not helping. Last night I woke to a major pain like a cramp or Charlie horse in my Anis it hurt so bad it let up after a while and went away.
    Has anyone else had this? It was so strange I know it's a muscle so it could be effected like all my other muscles are but never would of thought of it happening in that area.

    In Limbo for 7 years. MS Dx July 2011. I am a Copaxone Cutie

    Anal cramps

    I have them sometimes and they are really a pain! I asked my GI about them and he said he had them too. It is one of those "nobody talks about it but it is common" things. I even heard Dr. Oz talk about them one day on TV. He said it would knock a grown man flat. I agree. I was afraid I had something wrong. Nope.

    Generally I notice them more at night. They wake me up sometimes. I go from sound asleep to wide awake in seconds. My GI doc said he soaks a washcloth with water, puts it in the microwave until it is hot but not hot enough to burn your skin and sticks it next to his rectum for a few minutes. That works pretty well for me too. However, I have found that sitting on a heating pad for a few minutes is easier because I always have a heating pad next to my bed.

    I sometimes take some advil and then walk up and down the steps at my house. That helps too-just the movement of going up and down gets the muscles moving and then relaxing. Or I just walk a little bit and breathe and walk. That helps.

    My GYN gave me some cortisozone cream-that helped a little. Just a dab right inside the rectum.

    I sometimes have them during the day and usually just park myself on the heating pad for a few minutes.

    I have found that certain foods sometimes trigger more of these spasms. Sour cream for me sometimes does that. And sometimes they are BAD and other times just uncomfortable and annoying.

    You might want to talk to your doctor (or GI or GYN) about them. He or she might have some better advice than me!



      I've only had this a couple times, but I've read threads about it.

      The solution seems to Be to get heat to the area to ease the spasm. I have tried one of those microwave heat packs, and it helped. I've heard folks say sitting in the tub in hot water...but that wouldn't work for me, I"d be able to get in the tub, but wouldn't be able to get out . they do make those sitz bath basins that fit on the toilet, and that would be like sitting in hot water.

      Since I've only had it a few times, I haven't tried a lot of things, but I knew exactly what was happening when it hit, because I had read about it on the board...and let me say, it is one of the worst spasms/pain I've had to deal with, so here's hoping you find something to help.