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    Sick & tired...

    So apparently I have this thing without sub consciencelessy knowing I'm doing it. I give people a dirty look or am rude to them, it's gotten me in trouble with my job on several occasions. Tonight I was at a train crossing waiting for the train and was talking to my husband these kids pull up next to me I look over next thing I know they are telling and screaming at me what did I give them a look for.

    I'm at my wits end it seems lately I can't do anything right my husband told me I love you but you are a very rude person. It seems to me when it's that time of the month the symptoms are amplified by a million and three. I'm in so much pain, my husband says I need to tell my brain that I'm not in pain. Easy for him to say, I don't have friends I'm a loner. I don't have insurance so I don't have a dr.

    I'm better than I was but now I think the ms is seriously messing with my emotions I don't want to feel this way I tried to talk to a therapist but all they suggested was positive reinforcement telling my brain like I'm beautiful, worth something etc seems like everyone has an answer but not the right one, just tired of all the baloney.

    Sorry for the rant I've had a horrible night and I'm just so *** sick of everything

    This is the place to voice these feelings because others of us are there or have been there before and possibly will be there again.
    If my brain could listen to me spout some positive reinforcement, I would not have MS. Some people ignore the emotional componet of MS but it got me in trouble early on. I laughed inappropriately and could not stop, after being repermanded(?).
    Lately, I am curt and short with people because I am in pain and do not want to explain to another person how I am feeling. I have found it best to be alone at these times.
    When I am up to it, I find joy in being with others but when I want to be alone, I stop explaining why.
    Hang in there, you are not alone.......
    Positive Possibilities


      I feel for you sad-ms. I hard to be happy and perky when you're in so much pain.

      Is there any way you can go to a free clinic?

      I am also waiting to see a doctor because our waiting lists are so long. When I do though, I would like some kind of couples counseling, so that hubby can understand what going on.

      MS is not only affecting me, in a way it's like we both have it.

      When my daughter was diagnosed with Lupus, it was like the family had lupus. Our way of life totally changed, everybody was affected.

      Maybe your hubby is emotional about how these changes are affecting him too.

      It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Being ill, emotional, raising a family, going to work. Give yourself a break, your probably an exhausted person rather than a rude person.

      When I can laugh at my experiences, I own them and they don't own me!


        I am also rude to people, even though I don't mean to be. I really feel bad about it, but what can one do? I also have the tendency to lash out without thinking! I am also deaf in one year so I tend to be rather loud. Without going to a doctor and being prescribed medication for it ( antidepressants helped me some ), you are really in a pickle. Have you tried calling your local chapter of the MS Society? They can often are a few links for you.National MS Society
        Find Local MS Chapter
        MS World
        PPMS DX 2001