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OMG! Something else to go wrong...will it ever stop?

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    OMG! Something else to go wrong...will it ever stop?

    Hi all,

    This is very embarrassing but I have no one else to talk to about it.

    I finally got my bowel incontinence under control and now all of a sudden I noticed that my underwear is wet. I actually thought I might have gotten my period but when I checked it was urine. I've noticed I have been getting that for about a week now. After some research it said urinary incontinence which I thought was not being able to make it the the bathroom in time, which BTW, I have, but not all the time.

    Has anyone ever had this and what did your doc say about it? I swear I feel like I just get one calmed down and the gods that be say "oh no you don't...... Don't get comfortable just yet". Ugggh
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    That is definitely frustrating to feel like... yes, under control! no, wait... just kidding!!

    I actually have the opposite problem. The only time I had incontinence is when I was pregnant (which was obviously baby related rather than MS.) I have to take Flomax to help me be able to go, otherwise it's like I have to concentrate and relax my muscles to will myself to pee.

    I hope you get some more helpful feedback than I've provided... thank you for helping me keep it in perspective. As frustrating as mine can be, I think yours is definitely more of an inconvenience! Hope you figure it out :-)
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      I'm sure there are many potential causes; but I know it can happen from consistently drinking large amounts of caffeine.


        I think fitness people would recommend doing Keagal exercises to strengthen your muscles.


          Originally posted by NYJenn View Post
          I think fitness people would recommend doing Keagal exercises to strengthen your muscles.
          This. It's a start anyway.

          I developed this problem while I was pregnant with my second son. I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid and was mortified when my doc said, "nope. It's just pee."

          He said it was normal, but still.

          I still have issues with this and really need to do kegels
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            I called these sneak attacks. I can Kegel all day long on command. I still have sneak attacks and have for years. I only have them occasionally now because of other problems taking their place in the vicinity. I think the sneakers are more healthy than being stopped up all the time. Thank goodness for pads.