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To Pad or Not to pad out bras????

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    Go for the padding, why the heck not!? lol At least the padding isn't heavy like real boobs!!! I have to say I was overly blessed in that area and man they are a pain.

    After nursing 3 kids, they are NOT pretty, and don't stay where they should. Padding will hopefully stay where you put it! And I have to wear those shelf bra tanks around the house at all times. Otherwise I may knock someone out.

    I used to wear the shelf bra tanks in the summer when I was just dating my husband. Back then they were perky enough to stay in place in those. Kind of like your false advertising. He thought I didn't even have a bra on.

    Anyway, there is so much else you have to deal with in life, especially with MS, that if you want to pad em up, then go for it!


      I just can't resist saying this...

      In a few years, I'll be needing 3 plasters! 2 for the nipples and 1 for the belly button that's stuck between them. Lol!
      When I can laugh at my experiences, I own them and they don't own me!


        too funny!

        thanks for the laugh!!!
        i needed that!

        i don't have to worry about the cold, or about being uneven.
        i'm breastfree & brafree and loving it!!!

        had a dbl mastectomy in july last year. wasn't big to start with.
        my 'weight gauge' was if when looking down did my boobs stick out further than my belly!!

        ugh, belly wins everytime now! (working on that, but can't do a thing about the protruding bottom 2 ribs!

        have you checked out the partial prosthesis for lumpectomies? i'm probably not telling you anything new.

        they do have some really neat ones that even adhere to your skin. wouldn't that shock him!!! hehe!!!

        love your post and positive outlook! keep it up!
        "All things are possible for those who believe." Jesus