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If ED meds aren't working

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    If the ED drugs are not working then you can consult to your doctor for further details. There are various strengths are used to treat ED problem so sexual stimulation is very essential for making sexual intercourse.


      Hello, If your Ed medicine are not working then you should try home remedies for cure ed problem
      Exercise Is an Active
      Healthy Diet
      Quit Smoking
      Limit Alcohol
      you can also try othe ed meds like


        Don't have much experiance with this part but have had issues. Two solutions:

        One get off gabapentin/Neurontin if you are on it.

        Two, be open with your wife. If you have a kink let her know and see if it is something you guys can do in the bedroom. The extra stimulation might be the kick you need.

        Best of luck my problems were back in my early 30's and it depressed the heck out of me to be that young and of course the depression made issues worse. I'm rooting for you.
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          Originally posted by IceStein View Post
          Besides Cialis, what other options do I have? Viagra is the same active ingredient so I've ruled that one out already.
          Have you even tried Viagra? It's very different from Cialis. I tried Cialis and it worked sometimes, but not everytime. It also made my legs feel weird, and I didn't like that.

          Viagra works fine for me though. Cialis is meant to last for 24 hours or something, so you may not be 100%, but you should be able to do stuff during that time. Viagra is only supposed to last like 4 hours and you'll be 100%, when you want to be, within that 4 hours window.

          If you take Viagra after eating, it might not work or may take a lot longer to work. Levitra is basically the same as Viagra, but you can drink alcohol and eat without it disrupting anything.

          Different amounts also change the way it works. I took 25mg of Viagra and it did nothing. But, 50mg works like a charm.

          Go see a urologist and have them help you. Try some different medications. You'll find something.