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    Sex and .....

    So last night my husband and I made love. Yet again no orgasm for me. Never the less it was nice and we enjoyed ourselves. It felt good.

    Now the problem - after my body tics/spacisity was amplified. This was the first time he really noticed it and he got concerned.

    I've not been diagnosed yet. He realizes something is wrong but without a firm diagnosis he can't really grasp the problem. It could be I don't have MS - but have a spinal cord injury. I had a car accident 3 years ago and last year had to have disectomy and fusion of C3 - C6. Next MRI is one week from today.

    Anyway - does anyone have this problem? No orgasm and increased body tics after?


    i'm sorry that's rough, for me it's total opposite my spasms and pain decreases after it. try magnesium ive been taking it at night before bed and it seems to be helping somewhat, that and yoga decreases my pain and spasms. good luck
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      Hello Lorimo1,

      It is not uncommon for spasticity to be a problem when being intimate. Using muscle relaxants before will usually help. Your doctor should be able to prescribe something for spasticity even without a diagnosis.

      Spasticity is not just related to MS but has other causes such as the spinal cord injury you have mentioned.

      This URL gives information about spasticity that is not specific to MS:
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        I have increased jerks afterwards also. But I have no problem reaching climax. The muscle spasms sometimes interfer during but I make sure before to take my muscle relaxers. Sometimes I have to take my pain meds afterwards because the "jerks" get so bad.

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          I've found when I'm having a relapse that having an orgasm is pretty much impossible - no matter what we try. And I've also gotten muscle spasms in that hooha region during these same times, so I have no doubt that MS is at work to bug us in yet another way . I don't know if my spams increased after sex though or not. Hmm...

          I know it's frustrating, especially when you don't know the cause or feel like you're unable to do anything to help prevent it. Hopefully it gets better for you though and you find your answer!