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"SPRING" into Action - Member Topic for April 2018

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    "SPRING" into Action - Member Topic for April 2018

    Your Member Topic for the month of April is here!
    You made suggestions and we listened!
    Thanks to all who participated in March's Member Topic of the Month!

    "SPRING" into action - What are you doing, through diet or exercise or other means, to help you feel better, physically and emotionally?

    Please join us and share you thoughts and stories of what you are doing to help. Your comments are always welcomed and helpful for others.

    Thank you all for your participation and stay tuned for more topics from your suggestions in the months to come! We appreciate all your thoughtful ideas and hope to hear more from you! You can add more suggestions here:!
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    Eat good fuel, practice Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga.
    The future depends on what you do today.- Gandhi


      I use a 3 prong approach to stay active which has worked well for over 20 years.

      On the low fat side occilating between Palio and Mediterranean. Stay away from fast food and prepared foods. Try to keep the alcohol under control.

      The weight room gives me the biggest bang in terms of confidence. Light weights, lots of reps, every 4 to 5 days.
      Cycling provides my cardio, I ride multiple times per week and I ride hard at least once a week, frequently using an AFO.
      Yoga a couple of times per week helps keep the spasticity down.

      Rituxan brought me back from a recent decline and subsequent upgrade to SP.

      I'm 67 years old, dx'ed 20 years ago and had symptoms for 10 years before that. If I have to walk more than a couple hundred feet, I prefer to use a cane to accommodate a moderate to severe gait.


        I ride a stationary bike 3 days sometimes 4. Since weather is turning warm I am going to try walking up and down drive-way with my rolator walker. I try to eat a low fat diet but sometimes I splurged.

        Spirituall and Emotionally, I Pray, go to Church and try to read Bible Scriptures during the wk.

        I complain a lot to my DH.
        God Bless Us All


          I started increasing my walking distance. For the walks, started to create new playlists to match music to mood.

          Last fall, I was able to start riding a bike again. The balance was a little worse this winter, since we will see. The bike is going to repair shop today. Hoping to try by late week and see how it goes.

          I have also been helping my husband cut up branches from trees and bushes. I do the thinner ones that can cut easily. But just being outside and working in nature helps my mood.

          I have also taken to sitting in the porch when sun is on it late day and just take in the quiet and listen to the birds. I get some vitamin D and it helps emotionally.
          DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


            I just take each day as it comes. Some days I'm able to walk my little dogs [really slow and with effort] about 1/4 a mile, but most days I am not. I try to stretch every morning - I used to be really good at yoga and have adapted my own routine that is filled with my favorite stretches. The whole routine takes about 5-10 minutes, however I have to adjust it depending on how I feel. I also try to rebound for about 10 minutes a day - really slow though, just to get the lymph system moving a little.

            Mentally, I always feel better when my home is in order ... however usually I'm not able to keep it how I want it, so I do the best I can. I have found what is the most helpful is my own adaptation of the 'flylady system'. She says we can do anything in 15 minutes, so I set the timer and do as much as I can in 15 minutes. Once the time is up, I sit down and rest, which might include reading, checking email, watching/listening to a sermon, etc. When I feel ready, I set the timer for another 15 minutes and try to get more done. I do this throughout the day as I am able, and usually get more done than I think I can.

            Bird watching and gardening are my favorite outside activities if I am able.

            Good sleep, fresh air, sunshine, relaxation, as little stress as possible, and good food organic, non-gmo, no junk, lots of veg, little to no sugar, some fermented foods each day, etc.

            Not officially diagnosed due to non-MS-specific spots on MRIs, but the neurologists all agree it's MS.
            Frustrated. January 2019: finally saw an MS specialist worth seeing. Maybe we'll get to the bottom of this.
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