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Take a Break from MS - Topic of the Month for June 2017

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    Take a Break from MS - Topic of the Month for June 2017

    Your Member Topic for June is here!
    You made suggestions and we listened!

    Thanks to all who participated in May's Member Topic of the Month

    For the month of June, the staff at MSW has suggested we take a BREAK from anything relating to MS and have FUN! We aren't defined just because we have MS. We have more meaning than that, so let's talk about what you enjoy doing (past or present), where you've traveled, your family, pets, your job (past or present), fun stories about yourself, etc.

    Please join us in getting to know you!

    Thank you all for your participation and stay tuned for more of your suggestions in the months to come! We appreciate all your thoughtful ideas and hope to hear more from you! You can add more suggestions here:!
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    I come from NZ and my absolute passion is my horse - she's what gets me out of bed in the morning as she has to be fed. I've had to let go of a fair few dreams with what I was going to do with her - dressage, maybe a bit of jumping but still manage to ride her on the good days and just generally enjoy hanging out with her.

    Two years ago we went on the trip of a lifetime. We flew to Singapore for a few days and then flew to Barcelona where we boarded the Island Princess. We spent 12 nights on this ship and went to places like Pompeii, Ephesus, Istanbul, Rome, Mykonos and Athens. We loved these places but Istanbul was the highlight for me.

    I loved the cruise for lots of reasons but the fact everything was organised for us, we just had to turn up to a certain venue on the ship at a certain time and follow a certain tour leader when we did our excursions. I did sleep a lot on the coaches when we were going places and lived on Amantadine but didn't find it too taxing as there were some days where we were at sea and I just spent them sleeping and catching up. The food was out of this world, and to not have to cook it was just divine.

    Our cruise finished in Venice where we boarded a train for Munich. After three nights there we flew to London for a week, then home via Singapore.

    I found the cruise was perfect for someone in my situation and would love to go on another one. I doubt this will ever happen, but one can live in hope.



      I moved to Italy years ago. It is a wonderful place for me. My apartment was built in 1690 and my street is cobblestones. It is a busy place though and for relaxation I go to a small town on a lake. The lake has swans, ducks and other birds. There is a wide walkway along the lake so after a morning coffee I walk along the walkway in complete tranquility. I need to take a train to get here and can listen to music coming and going while watching the beautiful countryside go by.


        Grew up in one of Philadelphia' s suburbs, graduated from Penn State University, and spent most of my career as a business systems analyst/project manager working in Philly, Manhattan, and Princeton before "retiring". No children, happily married.

        I am happiest around water, preferably the ocean. But a lake, river, or creek will do! Nothing is more calming to me than listening to the water, preferably with our dog by my side. My favorite walk with our dog includes a little break sitting by a small creek where you can see the fish swimming by and the birds are singing above. Grateful when both of us are having a good day and can get that far on our walk.

        Big sports fan: Flyers, Eagles, Phillies (tough going for all as of late). Usually get to alma mater a few times a year to attend football game, volleyball match, arts festival and catch up with old friends.

        I used to like to run, bike, and play volleyball. Little tough now, so trying new hobbies (learning guitar, drawing course) and getting back to crafts.

        Love to travel and have been fortunate to seen parts of about 20 states, plus some countries in Europe: Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. Have also taken in some major cities in Europe: London, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam. Traveling is a little tougher now. My dream vacation would be Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands, with the flight broken up with stays in Hawaii both to and from. Guess you can see why it is my "dream".

        Do some unofficial volunteer work with elderly neighbors. Want to look for other opportunities, where not critical if I can't make it on a bad day.

        Other than that, like spending time with family and friends. Simple get togethers are my favorite, just talking and card/board games.

        Can't wait to learn about everyone! Great topic.
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          My DH and I have travel to several states sightseeing. My favorite state is the coast of Maine, I absolutely loved it. I love climbing over the rocks and seeing the light houses or just sitting on the rocks watching the waves. Although I'm not able to now, I will always cherish those memories.
          I felt at peace.

          I'm like pennstated I am the happiest when I am around water. My DH and I take our camper to the lake several times during the summer and I am able to get on the boat.

          I also love staying at Florida's beaches.
          God Bless Us All


            Wonderful thread
            My eldest child turns 30 today. It feels like i blinked and our lives have just zipped by.
            Always worrying about the future and planning for it good or bad.

            My dream has always been to have a happy and stable family and a nice home.
            Other than a few hic ups along the way i suppose we now have this.
            I find i treasure the quiet times i spent with my children as individuals rather than a noisy group.
            And now that they are older i am able to do this more and my husband and i enjoy our time away alone at our farm when there is just the 2 of us the birds , horses, roos , emus and no tv.
            Our 2 horses only have to whinny and i'm up and wanting to feed pat or brush them down . I love riding but need some one to accompany me so don't do as often as i would like. they are both beautiful natured and let me do anything with them .
            I would love some grand children but my kids are taking their time with this.

            I too love water - i have created a pond in our yard at home with a small fountain to bring some into our home life. And i sit and just enjoy the view across any body of water at any opportunity - it relaxes me. I love fishing too. Always wanted to catch a black marlin but doubt i'd be able to do this without help.

            We always intended to travel a lot but other than 2 cruises in europe 5 years ago (that we loved) we haven't seemed to have had the time. My neck was sore for months from looking up at so many church rooves- beautiful
            We are looking forward to our planned trip to Thailand in November. I hope to ride an elephant!
            I would love to visit the Ankhor plains in Cambodia one day. The temples and ancient cities fascinate me. Australia is only a little over 200 years old as a country and to visit homes in Europe that are a thousand years old blew me away.

            Canada and America are on the ' to do ' list too and one of my kids spent 2 years there with another going over next February to do the same. Maybe we might get there while he is there.

            At the moment though we are very focused on getting our farm "earning" . We would like to retire there but can't afford to do this without it paying its way. So we are spending the next 2 months on a 'working holiday' trying to get some bigger jobs completed.

            Ohh i almost forgot - i have tickets to see Elton John in concert in Cairns in September. Love music - though i don't play an instrument and sing like a dying cat .Will travel up from CQ by train and stay a few days so hubby can see Karanda and the table lands. He has never been up this part of Aus so I'm looking forward to showing him.

            Enjoyed reading others posts and look forward to reading more.


              I'm envious of all you world travelers! What a dream... There's so much I haven't even seen in the States!

              My DH just recently retired, so we plan on doing some easy trips in the future - day and weekend trips. I have a book of local handicap trails to look forward to visiting and "rolling" on.

              I have lived on the west coast most of my adult life, so have seen plenty of water, mountains, ocean beaches, and deep forests. I lived in Alaska for 16 years and that was an adventure. Bears in our yard, otters in our rivers and ocean, whales, porcupine and moose. I loved the outdoors and used to climb mountains, water rafting down class 3 rivers, snowshoeing and fished on our fishing boat.

              I still love being outside when the temps are just right. I've been gardening for over 40 years now, but now it's more limited. Just love the fresh veggies, fruits and flowers and hope to do this for a long time to come. In a way, it's my solace and happy place and is so meditative.

              We have 7 grandkids now (5 of them nearby), so we spend a good amount of time seeing them. I help babysit one of them for a few hours 2x/wk. They are the love of my lives and keep me going.

              My DD, her spouse, baby and I are traveling this week to visit my 94 yr old mom in the Midwest for a bit. My mom has a 8x10 photo that was taken when she was in her late teens along with her mom, grandma and great-grandma. We plan to have another women generational photo taken while mom holds her photo, so the finished product will be 7 generations in all! My mom being the great-grandma this time around.

              LOL - that's the kind of fun I look forward too. Family is most important. We always do potlucks when we get together, which is way easier for me! I also love photography, reading (retired librarian), and doing my yoga.
              I hope more of you share!
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