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How do you occupy your time? Member topic of the month - December

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    How do you occupy your time? Member topic of the month - December

    Your Member Topic for December is here!
    You made suggestions and we listened!

    Thanks to all who participated in November's Member Topic of the Month!

    How do you occupy your time now that the winter season is upon us? Less daylight and wintry weather keep many of us indoors this time of year. What activities, either indoors or outdoors, do you enjoy?

    Please join us in this important conversation on ways you occupy your time. Your thoughts and concerns on this topic are always welcomed.

    Thank you all for your participation and stay tuned for more of your suggestions in the months to come! We appreciate all your thoughtful ideas and hope to hear more from you! You can add more suggestions here:
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    People actually have time on their hands during the holidays ?

    Snow is not really a problem where I live (every several years we get some for a day or so) but do get ice storms more often - once or twice a year. They seem to do more damage, but I don't like either of them.

    That said, I can get outside if I bundle up. Not something that I do a whole lot of, even though I do still have to take care of my animals, so I am outside at least 2x a day for that.
    I also feed the wild birds during the winter months. I get the feeders when I go out to feed up and bring them in to fill them. When I let the dogs out for a run during the day I will go out and re-hang the bird feeders.
    And once a week I visit my green house to water the plants.

    During the summer I normally move my houseplants outside to the porch, but about half of those plants (tropicals) are in house during the winter. So an additional 'house' chore is watering those plants in the house also.
    I think that I cook more in the winter - soups/stews and baking.
    I do a lot of reading and MMORPG (on-line) games occupy some time. And if all else fails I will play on the Wii
    I would love to say that since I am inside more that I do a good cleaning of the house, but that just doesn't happen .

    So far this year I haven't had much 'downtime' because my husband's illness (AVM). I am so busy taking care of him that I am normally ready to head to bed by the time the sun goes down. With him at home all the time the 'normal' household chores have at least doubled . He is trying to not be a burden to me, but truth be told I miss my quiet time .


      I work full-time still. I do get to go to a great pool class at a local hospital (nice warm water ) and workout during my lunch four days a week. I try to cook a meal for my husband and I most nights, well many anyway but too tired for much else at night. I do indexing, which consists of reading Italian birth/death records and typing in what I read in the fields so people can use the info for genealogy work. I do puzzles on my ipad, and read a lot! I try to find ways to serve others, especially this month. I can't do as much as I'd like, but I do what I can!
      Adversity gives you two choices in life: either let it make you bitter, or let it make you better! I choose the latter.


        I do many things.

        Indoors, I like to binge watch tv shows , sewing projects, various house projects, make food, spend time with my husband, read and research, take baths, read books with my husband . . .

        Outdoors, I like to garden, ride my bike, go to a Church building, go out to eat . . . Tomorrow, I'm gonna go to a french vintage flea market.

        I really love gardening. I haven't been doing it much because I need to buy some knee pads or something to support my back when I kneel because I have to stand up a lot and being dizzy, that presents a challenge. I have a few things still in their pots when they need to be in the ground before it gets too cold.

        I also have to find ways to ride my bike more. I'm determined to not let the cold weather be a hindrance so I got ear muffs and I plan to get some gloves so that I'm comfortable riding. I need to do more outdoor activities in general when I figure out how to coordinate where I go, how long I'll have to walk for if there is walking, etc. I usually just go and wear myself out.


          It is increasingly difficult for me to get any outdoor activities this time of year with icy and snowy conditions, especially with my walker, so I'm stuck inside. But that's OK. I've been making holiday goodies to give out as presents and doing the usual holiday prep.

          Afterwards, I'm tackling all the busy paperwork that's been building up , sorting and filing, etc. I love photography, so I'm making 2017 calendars and cards for family and friends with photos I've saved up all year. My biggest project is to rearrange our large wall of framed photos in the dining room and adding new photos of our newest grandchildren. It will probably take me months, but it will keep me busy!!

          I need to find some really good books to read too.
          I miss my gardening and can't wait till spring

          Happy holidays to each and every one of you
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