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    Writing tools

    This is a stupid question. I can’t control my hand when I try to sign something. I was wondering are there any special writing tools meaning a special type of pen or pencil out there and could someone please let me know. Thank you

    Hi diguilio, I saw some good ideas on Amozon. my friend gets me helpfull things like the silverware . i hope this helps .


      Hi diguilio,

      Not a stupid question. I have the same problem. I only use wider pens with built in grippers on them.

      My signature is a far cry from what it.used to be, Sometimes it's more legible than others.

      I've learned I have to slow down and think about how I'm forming letters before I write them. I can't sign my name completely in cursive anymore. It's a combination of cursive broken up with print letters.

      "Below are some other adjustments, suggested by Hansen-Zlatev, which may make it easier for you to write by hand:

      Pick the right pen Fatter pens can be helpful if you have decreased sensation in your fingers or impaired coordination. “With a thinner pen, you don’t feel it in your hand as much. A fatter pen will have more surface area available to grip,” explains Hansen-Zlatev. A pen with a textured grip can also help.

      Slipping a gripper onto a thin pen or a wooden pencil, the kind that children use when learning to write, can also make it easier for you to maintain your grasp on the writing implement, says Hansen-Zlatev.

      A weighted pen, which, as it sounds, is heavier and also thicker than an ordinary ballpoint pen, may help to dampen the effect of tremors."

      Here are some examples ~ D69p13NParams 13b5faee-618e-4cc5-b557-74047773bdd6&pd_rd_wg=LLyDf&pd_rd_i=B01N5O8A0Z&psc =1 854594481&qualifier=1631025807&id=208536455221250& widget=sd_onsite_mobileweb&spPl=1&psc=1

      I hope you find something that helps. Best of luck.
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