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    Now what do I do?

    From my previous post most of you heard I broke 3 vertebrae in my thoracic spine. I am lying here trying to get the bones to fuse and not able to do much else.

    Now that I am practically incapacitated, two big things are happening.

    I have been on a wait list for Section 8 for 4 years and finally my name has come to the top of the list. That means lots of paperwork, documentation, an interview and an inspection. The thought of it all is daunting.

    Then, my son finally decided to propose to his girlfriend. They are planning a wedding and want me to go. There is time for my back to heal but traveling has not seemed possible for a long time. It tires me out so much I need to sleep for a week before I can catch a plane.

    Then, I start making myself nuts thinking about the role of the mother of the groom. The grooms side of the family is supposed to handle the rehearsal dinner. I would love to be able to serve a delicious meal but I won’t be home and get too tired doing things like that.

    This is all good stuff but I don’t want it to slip through my hands. Any ideas

    Palmtree, As far as the section 8 paperwork’s goes, you need help. Do you have one of those “neighborhood”apps where you are? How about churches? Facebook folks? Add in local paper asking for help?
    Regarding the wedding, I would hope the bride and groom only expect you to show up for the ceremony, nothing else. It would also be nice if the ceremony could be near you. Wouldn’t that be a nice way for your son and his love
    to start life together, making sure mom who presently has health challenges also has a wonderful day. If you really do have to travel it should be by limousine or taxi and if money is a issue maybe “go fund me”is in order or maybe even this website. Count me in.

    if anybody is interested in section 8 Go to and

    search “what you need to know how section 8 really works”.
    wishing you all the best.


      I would have a heart to heart with your son and his fiancee, letting them know your fears and worry about traveling, both physical and financial fears. Not sure if it would be an option, but renting an apartment or house could be an option, or an extended stay hotel to give you extra time to recover after flying.

      As for responsibilities, ask them if they are expecting a rehearsal dinner from you. Anymore, it is not uncommon that the couple sometimes picks it up, just like the wedding.

      And if attending is really out of the picture, any chance they could Livestream it so that you can watch the service and part of the reception?

      I do hope you can figure out a way to go. MS can take so many things away from us, hope it doesn't take this memory.

      Not much help on the section 8 paperwork. Are there any charitable organizations that offer assistance free of charge?
      DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri