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People diagnosed with MS?

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    People diagnosed with MS?

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. At that time the neurologist said there were over 1 million people in the US diagnosed with MS. Now, almost 16 years later, when it was announced that Christina Applegate was diagnosed, they are still saying that currently over 1 million people in the US have been diagnosed. Shouldn’t there be a higher number by now?

    Could this be why there is no cure? Do the researchers feel that not enough people are living with this sometimes devastating disease? Could they do more research? Maybe I’m just frustrated. Does anyone feel there will ever be a cure?

    Actually, they kept the number at 400,000 for the longest time and didn't change it to a million until a 2017 study was conducted in the USA. So your doctor was way ahead of the curve telling you a million back in 2005!

    But you are not alone in the frustration. Keep in mind too, that is just the USA, so worldwide, a larger market. I hold out hope that between stem cells, biomarkers/gene studies, and mRNA technology, there will be major changes in MS vaccines and treatments. But realistically, would think years away, but advancements have left me optimistic.

    I know many feel there is no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop, since they manufacture drugs currently that are incredibly expensive. My hope rests with medical research centers and organizations like the NMSS.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


      Hi Melody60. I imagine that it’s only an estimate of how many of us have MS. I to was dx in 2005. There is a little voice inside of me saying that it’s too late for us. That the damage caused by MS is irreversible… that it’s impossible to fix that sort of stuff , so close to our nerves. But then there’s another voice that says yes there is hope and there is some of the most intelligent minds on the planet working on this… and that they are trying to figure it out. I do think that for right now, for the newly dx , with all the new drugs , that there is a fighting chance to throw the disease off course. There’s always tomorrow.
      It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.