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Losing mobility?

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    Losing mobility?

    Prepare for some major drama:

    I have hit a crossroads. My caregiver found me on the bathroom floor with no clothes on about 10 days ago completely delirious. After a long discussion with me she called 911. I thought she was being overprotective.

    But they took me to ER and admitted me to the hospital. I had a severe UTI and dehydration that was causing the strange sense of reality. I thought the ER tech was the son of my Israeli architecture professor’s son. Although possible, the more I regained my sense of reality, the more ridiculous it seemed. I did architectural research in Israel in 1979.

    But there is more. When I got up to my hospital room I had a seizure and the Hospitalist told me if I didn’t go to rehab I would get pneumonia and die. I told her I wasn’t going to “rehab”.

    By a stroke of luck the Occupational Therapist recommended that I get a spinal X-ray because it was so painful to move me. The results of the X-ray came back and showed that broke 3 vertebrae in my thoracic spine,T4,T5 & T6. So I arranged to have care at my home.

    I rented a hospital bed, my caregiver is sleeping in the living room and I am getting a special walker that works well for the kind of fracture I have.

    This would all be plenty but my MS is the scariest part of this. This year I have noticed a feeling of paralysis in my legs and much worse tremors and wild jerks in my hands and arms. The hot weather, of course, makes it all worse.

    I am going to be laid up for about 3 months or more while these bones fuse and I want to do everything possible to preserve my tiny ability to walk.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, ways to conquer the impossible with single handed combat? Before this happened I was still walking, caring for myself and doing exercises every night.

    That must have been a really scary experience. I pray your recovery goes well.

    As much as we hate rehab and not being home, I do wonder if this is one of the times it may be more beneficial. If you went to rehab, would they be able to do any PT, even passively to keep muscles moving without aggravating the spine?

    If rehab is out, can you get a therapist to come in to work with you?

    Truly sorry you have to go thru this. I hope you can find someone to help with retaining strength.
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      Thank you for your prayers. That is all we can do. For me, rehab is not good because those places do not come anywhere near being clean enough for me. The reason is that I have asthma. I was in one for 24 hours after having a stroke and couldn’t breathe. I had to call my doctor for a rescue.

      You are so brave to do the Graston
      technique. I looked at some pictures of it and realized that it is the same condition I have. When I went to a podiatrist he told me not to have the surgery because it would take a year to be able to walk again.

      For the past 50 years I have been living with it. At home I go barefoot or wear flip-flops, to go out I wear white high top Reeboks. Imagine me showing up at my son’s wedding in tennis shoes?

      No one has mentioned the Graston technique to me.

      I hope you will tell us about your experience.


        palmtree, I am so sorry you being subjected to this physical and mental stress. My wife just came out of two months of inpatient rehab and it was very helpful and not at all dirty. She was in Acts/Evergreens a very, very expensive CCRC facility that also accepts short term rehab patients as well as their own in house residents. I think a place like this would suit you better then the usual run of the mill rehab facilities.Maybe you have a similar facility in your area?She was in for 60 days and straight Medicare and supplement paid the entire will be to your advantage to start therapy ASAP as after you use up your 60 days you have to start self paying until 90 days has elapsed and then the 60 days start over again. The Physical therapist and occupational therapist were top notch as befitting residents that pay more then three hundred thousand Entrance fee and six thousand a month.
        Good luck palmtree. I truly wish you the best.


          That is really good to know. I live in a rural area but it is growing very fast. Maybe next time they want to send me to rehab they will have one here.

          For now, I have arranged to have someone around a few hours a day to help with bathing and medications. Home Health will make sure I get up and walk. Once I get the walker I will discipline myself to walk around as much as I can.

          will have to reevaluate the situation in a week.


            Palmtree - I don't have any suggestions, but wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. You must be in a lot of pain and I hope with the rest and therapy you will regain your ability to walk. Thinking of you and sending healing prayers
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              Hello palmtree ~

              Thank you for letting us know what you are dealing with. You sure have been through a rough time.

              I hope you are feeling better, and also that your home health care is going well.

              You have our support, and good thoughts / prayers for your recovery and healing.

              Originally posted by palmtree View Post
              I am getting a special walker that works well for the kind of fracture I have.
              I'm interested in your special walker that would work well for your back.

              When you get it, could you let us know what it is like? Thanks!

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                palmtree, my prayers are with you. May God Heal and Bless you
                God Bless Us All


                  Thank you all for your kind thoughts. It helps during times like this.

                  This is really a crash course in preparing for a time of disability. It’s been a hand held shower, I found a cute shower stool that doesn’t look so institutional, an inexpensive bamboo non slip shower mat, a new mattress, some disposable diapers and my fancy walker.

                  I will let you all know when I get my fancy
                  walker. It is called the Eva Pneumatic Support Walker.


                    So sorry to hear about your situation. In June I was hospitalized for a fall, and then spent almost 2 weeks in rehab, but it was the hospital's rehab unit on a separate floor in the hospital. They were very thorough and helpful, but it was hard because of the amount of therapy I received. PT would last an hour in the morning, and an hour in the afternoon, and the same with the OT. I was definitely spent when I would be back in my hospital room. Everything was as if I was in the hospital, and I don't really like to be in the hospital, but I knew it was all overseen by my doctors. My physiatrist who manages my baclofen pump was there most days, and they even refilled my pump while I was in the rehab. Once I got home, the offer of in home PT and OT is available. I haven't started that yet but intend to. You might want to check with your doctor to see if they can send a PT to your home. I would imagine, due to the MS, and the broken vertebrae, you would be a candidate for that. I looked at the walker you're receiving and it reminds me a lot of the one I use. It's not Pneumatic, but allows for the same support for standing upright when using it. It's called an upwalker.


                      Just ((hugs)).

                      This all sounds really scary.
                      ~ Faith
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                        Thank you all. This is a long road