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My rollator has dual purposes!

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    My rollator has dual purposes!

    Of course, it helps me to get from point A to B and the seat is there for resting/sitting.

    Seat is also useful for carrying food and drinks from fridge to counter, books, small loads of laundry, watering can for watering indoor plants and many other things that needs to be transported from point A to B, etc... you name it!

    What surprises me is what I random things I find in the basket under the seat. Today I found:
    Water bottle and phone - always!
    A small toy from grandkid
    A large garlic from garden
    Roll of toilet paper to take to guest bathroom
    2 small pkgs of sparklers for grandkids
    A clean folded up washcloth
    Random paper to take to to recycling
    An old bill that's overdue
    Half of a chocolate bar that I was hiding from my husband

    I mean, come on! lol
    Guess I'm getting some walking in today to return all to their rightful places. Then I'm going to reward myself with the chocolate while husband is not looking!
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    That's funny Seasha! I don't have a rollator but I do have some chocolate that I hide from my husband. He wants to lose weight but can't resist a chocolate bar!


      That's funny. I wouldn't worry about it until you find something that you you have no idea what it is
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