MSWorld was created to end the isolation that people experience when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. today our mission remains steady as the world around us changes. we are courageous, determined & committed to following our purpose. I have learned over the last 25 years that by helping others, we have uncovered the beginning of MSWorld‘s potential. love for others is our strength. showing up every day and doing the right thing, inspires and encourages our need to press forward. all of us at MSWorld are grateful to every person who comes our way looking for support. the simple act of sharing, can transform lives.”
- kathleen wilson
founding president


in celebration of MSWorld’s 25th year receive a ‘Yorokobi the Kitty’ pin with every donation of $6.00.
”hand drawn with love”
to bring a smile to your day!
created by an artist and MSWorld’s youngest volunteer.
‘yorokobi’ means joy in Japanese

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