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    Going back to school

    Has any msers here had a physical job but couldn’t do it anymore and successfully went back to school with memory and cognitive problems? I’m currently a machinist but can’t really do that anymore. So I’ve been thinking about going back to school to be an engineer. I know it would be hard but it think it would be worth it. I used to be a lot sharper than I am now so I’m thinking help from a neuropsychologist would be needed. Any thoughts?

    Hi crazyguy. I don't have any experience with it, but applaud your thinking. I would think having first hand knowledge of how things work may make some engineering classes a little easier than for other students, but agree it will be a challenge, MS or not.

    I would definitely consult a neuropsychologist, hopefully get the lengthier testing and not just half day. The reason I say this as cognitive challenges can sometimes cause fatigue, both mental and physical. So you want a test that pushes you cognitively over multiple days to get a better picture.

    With the results of the test, if any deficits are noted, you could consult with an occupational therapist for potential tips/tricks to compensate for them.

    That should give you good insight into your decision before you invest financially into education.

    I wish you all the best!
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      I went back to school to make a major career change soon after diagnosis in an effort to preserve my longevity in the workplace and secure health benefits. My life was forever changed for the better. I haven't had cognitive issues yet though so if that is the case I'd consider that in my choice of careers. A college counselor might be able to offer individualized suggestions. Good luck!
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        Engineering is a big challenge. A year of the Calculus, physics and all of the major requirements. I had to have an engineering base for my career so i remember what it was like. Found that the introductory courses were a lot harder than the subjects for my major.

        physics was such a struggle but by the time I took strength of materials it was fascinating. It felt good to be able to use the math and physics to make something happen.

        of course, that was many years ago. Engineering has become much more sophisticated and complicated these days.

        you can always take a class at a community college to see how well you do. Good luck! I admire your courage.