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Weird question / vibrations

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    Weird question / vibrations

    Anyone else have trouble with things that vibrate? I'm okay holding an electric coffee grinder or using my riding mower. Using a vibrating foot massager leaves my legs vibrating for 15 minutes after I'm done. There was a tree-trimming crew directly in front of my house earlier in the week, cutting and shredding trees for an hour, and I felt like I could feel the vibrations through my entire body the whole time they were here. Listening to my neighbors cut their grass is annoying after the first 5 minutes. The vibrations don't hurt; they're just incredibly irritating and the sensation lasts for quite some time after the actual vibrations stop. I didn't notice this until a couple months ago, and I'm usually pretty easy going. Is it just me?

    Hi Nora.

    I have two similar experiences. My right arm is numb and feels like it twitches sometimes. If I use a drill or orbital sander, it vibrates long after I am done.

    I also have noise sensitivity. So when a mower is running, chainsaw, or things like engine noises, I get a feeling like the noise enters my brain and rattles around, then moves down my body. It feels like my insides are vibrating. Thankfully that leaves once the noise stops. My neuros have always looked at me funny when I explain that symptom
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri