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    Covid Shot

    My neurologist thought it would be a good idea to wait on getting the Covid shot. Has anyone else been told this and if you got the shot what were the results. And if you are not going to get the shot, just say, "not me". Thanks in advance, enjoy each day.

    Hi Auctineer - did your neuro give any reasons behind waiting? If not, I'd ask.

    There is another thread here with many other's comments about getting the shot and their reactions/side effects.
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      My neuro said the exact opposite - get the first one I could, all 3 FDA would be good to get. That being said, he said that for patients that are home bound and really are not out, he was ok with them waiting and potentially never receiving it.

      ​​​​Hopefully your neuro provided insight into why. The NMSS is also recommending the vaccines. You may want to ask your neuro why not, given the guidance published by the NMSS.
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        I don't intend to get it any time soon, but my neuro didn't seem to care one way or the other. On a related note, my family doctor has always told me to stay away from flu shots, although she'll give them to anyone who wants one.


          Hi Auctioneer. Like others I am wondering about the reason your Neurologist said to "wait." I will have my second dose this coming Friday. The only "symptom" I had after the first does was a bit of a sore arm. The Covid vaccine is not a "Live" virus. With MS a "Live" vaccine is not recommended, although there can be reasons for a person to need a "live" vaccine.

          NoraS, your Family Dr. is not informed about MS and vaccines. Please check with your Neurologist about a Flu vaccine. With MS you can have the Flu vaccine (which is not "live) and not the nasal kind which is a live virus. I have been doing flu vaccines for many years. My Family Dr. would recommend you have a flu vaccine (shot) and her mother has MS

          These vaccines (Covid and Flu) will not guarantee you won't get Covid or the flu but your odds are better of "not" getting sick and if you do get sick your odds are better that you won't be as bad as you would without the vaccine. In the case of the flu; in all of the years I have gotten the flu vaccine I got the flu once (the strain was different than what the vaccine covered in the vaccine).

          Getting sick when you have MS can cause MS symptoms to become worse than is your normal. By-The-Way, I didn't talk to my Neurologist about getting a Covid vaccine, BUT, I don't use any MS treatments.

          Everyone needs to make their own informed decision

          Take care.
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            My neuro approved any of the three shots.
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              When my neuro and I discussed the COVID-19 vaccines only Pfizer and Moderna had been approved. He said, without any reservations, that it was perfectly OK for me to get either of the vaccines. We did not discuss the J & J vaccine as it had not yet been approved. I have gotten dose #1 of the Pfizer vaccine and barely even had a sore arm. I have had no other side effects. My second dose is this Wednesday the 14th.

              By the way, I also get a flu shot every year with the OK of both my neurologist and my internist.