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Happy Valentine's Day - What do you love?

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    Happy Valentine's Day - What do you love?

    What/who inspires you, delights you and makes your day? How do you show your love?

    Me? My grandchildren, birds, flowers, sunny days, working in my garden, genuine people, babies, and of course, my husband and family and long time friends who have been by my side throughout my MS journey.

    Giving back to others expresses my love and appreciation.

    Let's share
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    Sounds wonderful Seasha.

    My husband, family, and friends. Nature - the mountains and the beach, anywhere I can see and hear water, whether ocean, lake, pond, river, or creek. Tea in the morning outside, watching birds, foxes, and dear, with the occasional neighbors' cats and dogs that stray away from home and come say hello is a perfect start to the day.

    Inspired by people here. Also inspired by our church and how much they have been giving back to the community during this pandemic. The volunteer director has been putting in full time hours during the pandemic to replenish the food pantry and sort thru donations of clothing and household goods. On any given week, they are supporting 70-100 families from surrounding areas. Volunteering keeps me grateful.

    How do I show my love - I try to show gratitude and respect, listen when needed, and make sure they know how important they are to me.
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      What inspires you....
      Humility. Because I've been working on it I now see it in others.

      Who inspires you...
      People who show compassion, also noticing more of this virtue in others as I decline.

      ...delights me?
      Very little kids, before selfishness and all the baggage that "growing up" brings. This is new to me with children never being very high on my list.

      ....makes my day?
      Reading or hearing (very rare) something that I know in my heart to be true.

      How do you show your love?
      Making an effort to face up to my mortality means choosing a proper course of action, and then the hard part, acting on it.

      Seasha, thanks for the "stop / think" aspect of the thread. A daily reminder would be helpful for me.

      And... Have a great day everyone!