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    Since I am pretty stable, I had a telemed neuro appointment this am. We did talk about the vaccines.

    Basic takeaway:
    1. Most important - every patient is individual, some with coexisting conditions that can complicate vaccine considerations and timing. Everyone should discuss with their neuro. He has resisted publishing general guidelines for this reason.
    2. To his knowledge, none of the MS DMTs fall under the immunosuppressant CDC prioritization.
    3. For his patients on B-cell depleting DMTs, he has been recommending that the vaccine be given when the DMT is reduced in the body, about 2 weeks prior to next one. But since schedule not always under one's control, get it when you can.
    4. He is hoping that better antibody tests will be available later to measure protection and boosters given to those who need it. He feels important since there really isn't enough data for specific DMTs to know how long and how well protected we are following vaccinations.
    5. For Tysabri, timing doesn't matter.
    6. J&J virus is an attenuated vaccine, similar to flu vaccines and will be safe for me to get.
    That summarizes the vaccine related conversation. It made me think how frustrating it must be for the docs to not be able to have all the answers - that during this pandemic, the knowledge is so dynamic and fluid. In some respects, like MS, so much is known, yet so much is unknown.

    Please, please take the time and discuss your individual status with your neuro.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri