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Have you had the flu?

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    Have you had the flu?

    For the 1st time in years, I've got flu like symptoms. I'm at work, so I can't take my temp, but I've got a sore throat, body aches, and chills. Several of my coworkers have tested positive for the flu over the past few weeks. I took the flu shot, but am aware that there are different strains.

    Has anyone tested positive for the flu this year? Have you had to be hospitalized? Just curious.

    No sure if it was the flu, but had a low grade fever 100.8 and below, aches, headache, nauseous, stomach pains, really tired for 3 days this week. I also had the flu shot. So was thinking the shot is what kept it from being worse. I think I actually picked it up at the hospital Saturday for unrelated matter.

    My brother had the same symptoms with the flu shot, my sister in law didn't get the shot and had higher fever. Think she is now thru the worst of it, no hospitalization.

    Lots going around.
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      Just a bad cold here that's lingering, sinus pain and cough, but no fever.

      But wanted to send you good thought and hope you feel better and get the rest you so deserve!
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        Ohhh; I hope it's not the flu, Kittysmith. Whatever you have, get well soon!

        I've been mostly healthy. Had a minor cold earlier this winter. I chose, for the first time since 1993, not to have a flu shot. I've just been taking care of myself with healthy diet and using elderberry syrup for flu prevention.
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          I haven't had the flu in a lot of years either. And I have not taken the shot either. In fact, I rarely get the sniffles of a cold. I do have allergy symptoms.

          Hope you are feeling better!

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            I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, Kitty. I hope it's not the flu, and you are over it soon.

            I had the flu earlier this year, late December and January. I can't even recall the last time I had it, I think when I was still a kid. My husband and two adult children came down with it first. Then I did 2 days later.

            A family member gave it to us during the holidays. He didn't know he was sick yet when we saw him.

            I got my flu shot, my husband and kids didn't. My husband always says he's going to, then doesn't. Hope that finally changes. My otherwise "healthy" family was down 10 days.

            Overall I had less symptoms, and think that's because I had the flu vaccine. But I had a much rougher time because of my MS. The worst of it for me was the fevers, followed by a bad cough. I wasn't hospitalized, although came close because of how badly the fevers affected me when they spiked.

            I have heat intolerance with my MS and literally can't move if my fever goes over 101 F, which it did for hours at least once a day. My fevers got higher than my family's did and lasted longer (lucky me), 2 weeks. They went away, but came back again.

            I tested positive for a UTI, but always will now that I have a suprapubic catheter. So it's never completely accurate for me and didn't have any other symptoms. Nothing else showed up, so was treated with antibiotics for that. I don't know if that's really what caused my fevers to return, but was so glad when they finally went away for good after another 5 days. I think I battled a fever for 21 days total.

            I have a hard time coughing productively, so that just made me cough more. I would cough so much I hurt. The cough hung around close to a month for all of us, a few days longer for me.

            Another bummer was we had to cancel our trip to Disneyworld. Had plans for one last family vacation before my oldest finishes PhD and starts research job with the Department of Defense. But at least no on missed school / work, we weren't all sitting around in our hotel room sick not able to do anything, and got our money back because we had travel insurance!

            I hope you feel better soon.

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