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Brother is diagnosed with MS

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    Brother is diagnosed with MS

    My brother is doignosed with MS. He's 25. What should I do?.. I'm exhausted a little, but I feel like I do not have the right to be depressed right now

    Welcome. Thank you for looking out for your brother. Not sure what you may be looking for.

    The NMSS has great educational information. The link below takes to newly diagnosed information:

    Not sure if you live near your brother, but if you do, it may help to have a second set of ears at his appointments. It can be a little overwhelming to try to take in everything your neuro is telling you. My sister used to come and write everything down for me.

    Let your brother know you are there for him and want to support him. Give him an opening to talk about it and his fears. Just know that it may be a roller coaster ride of emotions for awhile.

    As hard as it is to get a diagnosis, these days, we have a lot of options for disease modifying therapies (DMT). The goal of these it to reduce the number of relapses and slow progression as a result. They vary in their efficacy rate and may have some risks associated. It may help to have someone help him with his own risk analysis/tolerance level.

    If he is in a relapse, depending on symptoms and severity, they may prescribe IV steroids to help reduce inflammation and shorten the duration of the relapse. They may or may not work and even when successful, don't change the outcome of the relapse. Chronic symptoms may remain or they may partially or fully disappear.

    If he has symptoms, there are other prescriptions that may help. The goal of these are strictly symptom relief and have nothing to do with progression.

    If you have specific questions, please ask. Hope this helps some.
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      Originally posted by BlueberryPie View Post
      What should I do?.. I'm exhausted a little, but I feel like I do not have the right to be depressed right now
      Hello BlueberryPie

      It can be a difficult time emotionally when someone we love, especially a family member, has to deal with a serious illness.

      If you don't mind my asking, are your feelings of exhaustion and depression due in part to being a caregiver for your brother?

      We can be more helpful with our suggestions and feedback if we know a little bit more about your situation.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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        Your brother is really young to have a chronic illness for himself. I'm glad he has you as a support.

        Kathy gave you some good information. Please come back to ask more questions. Please also feel free to refer us to your brother. In my earlier years with MS, MSWorld was a good place for me to get information.
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          If he's anything like me, you should be there for him but keep your distance. I was 25 when I was diagnosed in 2002. Offer to go to doctors appointments with him to be a second set of ears and to take notes. You may even come up with some good questions along the way. Educate yourself on the condition and dont believe the hype about people curing themselves with this or that. Some of us do well but the MS is always running in the background. Best of luck to your brother. Tell him to drop by and check us out.
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            The best thing you can do for your brother is believe in him. Believe him when he says he feels too badly to go out, even though you made these plans together 3 weeks ago. Believe him when he explains that he didn't shower last night because it was too difficult to climb into the tub.

            Help him find alternatives to the things he can't do any more. No longer hiking deep into the woods to have picnics on a mountaintop? Find a wooded local park with tables near the road or start picnicking in your backyard under a tree. Can't workout at the gym? Maybe he could swim at the Y instead.

            Help him to see that this doesn't make him less of a person. Don't pity him. Don't baby him. Don't go on and on about everything he can't do any more. Focus on what he can do or can at least do sometimes. And just be there for him, whether he's laughing or crying.