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A glass of wine and numb fingers

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    A glass of wine and numb fingers

    My wife the one with MS enjoys a glass of wine in the evening as we are reading or watching TV. Lately the glass has slipped out of her hand a few times. We attribute this to numbness in her fingers.
    Does anybody know where I can find a stemless wine glass ( emphasis is on the word glass) with a (preferably glass)cover on top?

    Any suggestions on what to do with the fingers in case this becomes permanent? She just bought a gripper, donít know if that will help or not.

    Thank you

    I searched Amazon for "stemless wine glasses" and got dozens of options. Not so much for glass top though.
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      Thank you

      Boudreaux. Before I posted I searched amazon and other sites and like you say, many glasses but no glass.


        Check Wine Enthusiast. I just checked and they still have the Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass Set. It is a glass with a silicone sleeve, which may help her grip. It does have a lid, but not glass. Also think only comes in a set of 4.

        Other than that, I have seen mostly stainless steel or plastic if they have lids.

        The "dropsies" are no fun. Hope you find something.
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          I enjoy a glass of wine pre dinner most nights. Gave up the crystal or glass long ago.

          I went with a heavy rocks glass, half full at best. Very hard to knock over, with less liquid I can carry it easier and one needs to get a grip to lift it, so less chance of dropping.

          MS forces compromise. FWIW

          Ps I know publicly supported radio station WRTI (classical / Jazz) is available on line and during last fund drive offered a pair of stemless wine glasses as one of their many gifts for membership. GREAT station BTW.

          Moderator's Note: Link against guidelines; Offer expired nontheless
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            For Christmas last year my stepdaughter gave me a pretty metal stemless wine glass with a lid and a metal straw. I know itís not glass but it has a really thin lip without the lid and is surprisingly pleasant to drink from. Itís easier to grip and fits in my power wheelchair cup holder.

            Iíve even started carrying it to book club.



              Thank you. I went on the site and like you said, the lid is
              Not glass. I left a message inquiring if we are asking to much for a glass top, I would think if there is such an animal they would have it. Thanks for checking.



                Is there anything on the glass identifying a brand? Thanks for replying.



                  Thank you for responding. If we canít find what we are looking for e might take up your suggestion.


                    Same problem here. My grandchildren recommended a sippi cup, like one would have for a very young child. It's the right size, made to drop and works great! I do NOT take it with me when I go to a restaurant.



                      Finally got a solicitation from, couldn't remember the name....

                      I've purchased some items there that helped me deal with my MS (use of one hand), although they aren't meant only for people like me.

                      To the chase... I did see a covered mug/glass item. May be useful?



                        Thank you for taking the time.
                        I went on the site but couldnít find anything.
                        I can see why you forgot the name. Even if I didnít forget it I doubt if I could pronounce it.