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Possible Flare?

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    Possible Flare?

    I've been having spacticity in my left hip and leg. I've also had some soreness, watering, and blurring in my eye that's had ON 4 times. Not unusual that I have these symptoms during the summer. But, they seem to be a bit worse this time around. I messaged my MS doc's office and they, of course, want me to have a urinalysis and, I would assume, an MRI.

    Here's the thing: Now that I have messged them, I don't want to be tested. I don't want to know if I'm having a flare. I don't want to have to take more time off from work and do a round of IV steroids. I was just out on medical leave from Dec to March after having spine surgery. Do you think it's reasonable, if I can live with the symptoms, to just "ignore" it?

    I know you can't provide medical advice, I just wonder what you would do in my situation. I feel guilty asking questions because I know there are so many of you on this site with more advanced cases. Any perspective would be helpful.

    Sorry you are having problems, kittysmith. I really can't suggest what I'd do in your situation, but just to make sure, I'd have a urinalysis. A UTI could make matters worse and you don't want to mess around with that.

    Maybe see a Neuro-ophthalmologist to make sure you don't have a recurrence of ON. You don;t want to mess around with that either.

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      I can't tell you how many times I've cancelled tests because I just didn't want to go thru anymore. But, some of them will put your mind at ease.

      I've never been able to identify a flare or relapse. My symptoms have just always been there, never ending, some worse at times. I just let most of it go if I can tolerate it. But if I'm really stressing about it or not sure I allow the tests. Sometimes I end up cancelling and rescheduling. I understand your hesitancy.

      Guess I feel like I know my body and my course of the disease better than the doctors. I rarely agree with them. Not saying you should, but I do understand.

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        still not sure

        I've never not wanted to make sure I wasn't in a flare. My hesitancy is due to having missed so much work already. I've never had a UTI. I've been tested so many times. I may at least get the urinalysis. The thought of having to go through the side effects of the IV steroids and taper makes me want to scream.


          I agree with Marti. I wonder sometimes if I am in a flare or if I'm progressing or if it just the heat of summer and stress. I have a lot of stress now. But I am tired of tests and I hate going to the doctor over and over again.

          I don't know what you should do but a urinalysis is a good idea. I have had many UTI's and it is not good to ignore them.

          Good luck. I hope you are better soon. It can be very stressful.


            Definitely get UTI tested. I think it is good to know if a flare, just in terms of evaluating the treatment you are on.

            If you are still working now and ok doing it, you don't have to take time off. Likewise, not every flare needs steroids. It doesn't change the outcome of the flare, may shorten the time.

            I actually worked thru two flares with IV in arm just bandaged over it and wore long sleeves. Wasn't easy because of sleep issues, but did.

            I also worked thru one without taking IV steroids. I was functioning, just lots of annoying symptoms. Since mild, decided not to treat with steroids.

            If a flare, you still have a say on whether treated with steroids and if you need time off.

            Hope you feel better.
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