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How to tell when an attack is over?

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    What pennstater said.
    I had the shocking and severe pain. I would scream.
    I thought I was dying.
    When the shocking and severe neck pain and headaches went away I realized I wasn't going to die.
    I lost close to 50lbs.
    Between the shock, hug, spasticity, pain, numbness, and fear, I found the shock and hug the absolute worse. And nothing worked for the pain but time.


      Just a little more information about Lhermitte's sign:

      This symptom is due to cervical spinal cord lesions. Brain lesions do not cause Lhermitte's sign. If the symptoms are lasting more that a few seconds it's not Lhermitte's sign. There can be other causes for Lhermitte's sign and is not exclusive to this disease. Hope that helps anyone interested in Lhermitte's sign
      Diagnosed 1984
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