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Newbie on here having a colostomy on Wednesday. Advice????

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    Newbie on here having a colostomy on Wednesday. Advice????

    Hello. I am a newbie. I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in February. Still looking around the forums for info. I am wheelchair dependent. I am to have a colostomy next week. I am clueless at what I need to pack to take into hospital with me. Anyone that can offer any help with what to expect and how their colostomy experience is would be appreciated. Thank you



    I do not have personal experience from patient side with a colostomy. But, have been in the hospital several times with other things then my MS. Plus, I am a nurse.

    With regards to your MS, bring your MS med with you in the original packaging. Most hospitals do not carry the MS meds, so they need to be brought in by you. They will send it to pharmacy to verify that it is indeed the med that is stated on the label. Sometimes they will label with one of their labels. For safety reasons, they usually keep it locked up in the medication room or a locked drawer in your room.

    Bring some kind of lip moisturizer that you like. It is very drying in the hospital. Skin moisturizer is good, too. I bring my own tooth brush/tooth paste, shampoo, and such.

    Turn and get up in the wheelchair as much as you can. If you take a couple of steps with assistive equipment bring that and use it as much as you can to help the healing process.

    In regard to the colostomy, I hope you have already met, or will soon meet with an ostomy specialty nurse. If you have not ask for one, they are a wealth of knowledge. And, will help you the best with the ostomy process.

    Good luck
    God Bless and have a good day, Mary


      Welcome Kerry19.

      I have no experience, but wanted to wish you good luck. Mary offered some great hospital insight. Hope we hear more from you when you are up to it.
      DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


        No experience either but sending good vibes your way.
        He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


          Sending you best wishes for Wednesday!! Hugs and prayers!! 🤗🙏🏼


            Best wishes. I don't have any advice. I did do a search for colostomy to see if other members had posted about it here. I didn't find much helpful, but you could browse through some past posts to see what you can find.

            ~ Faith
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