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Do Fatigue Meds Cause Worse Insomnia at NIght?

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    Do Fatigue Meds Cause Worse Insomnia at NIght?

    I recently started suffering terrible fatigue during the day. I have also got terrible insomnia and I wondered if the medicine for fatigue would make my insomnia worse? I can sleep for about an hour at a time at night using Melatonin and some valium so even though I wake up every hour or so I can usually sleep a total of about 8 hours. So the fatigue isn't from my insomnia.

    If I take medicine for fatigue will I ever be able to sleep at night??

    I have wondered about this too. But, I don't take anything for fatigue. On the other hand, I assume the sleep aids we use can contribute to the next day fatigue. Just to let you know... I have gotten some sleep in the last 3 nights, but with help from one med or another. Melatonin still does nothing for me. I finally threw them away. Xanax helps tremendously. I am hoarding the few I have left until I can beg one of my doctors to refill them. Ambien helps sometimes and Doxylamine helps some. I'm experimenting. I know.. that's probably not good, but sleep is number one right now.

    The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep.


      I took provigil for about 7 years. I didn't have trouble with sleep. Ironically, it started after I had been off provigil a few years. Restless legs are part of my problem.

      If you wake up every hour, even if you get 8 hours, that would be contributing to fatigue. To get fully rested you need to cycle thru light, deep, and REM stages. You probably spend your time only in light sleep.

      If you haven't, it may be worth getting a sleep study done.
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        My experience here

        I take Nuvigil. At night if I can't sleep I take Melatonin, but only if absolutely necessary. Melatonin adds to cog fog the next day for me, I've noticed.

        But the lower the dose(1.5 to 3mg), works just as well,with less side effects. I wish they had a low dose timed release.

        It's really a bad cycle- we take a medication for one symptom, that causes another problem and we need to take something else.
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          Just out of curiosity have you tried cannabis for insomnia?

          I have found a couple of puffs about 30 min before bed works wonders for me sleeping through the night and as long as I can get at least 7 hours of sleep it doesn't seem to affect me the next day.
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