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    I have every right to hate people who have a future. Mine was stolen from me and it is not fair and I will hate people who are so clueless that they are going to whine about pointless stuff. I do not have the time or patience to listen to whining about things that mean nothing. Before finding out my life has no purpose I was happy, went out with friends, was planning for a future, etc. Now all of that means nothing since I am in MY opinion worthless. I was happy for people when their life was going great, but now I am not going to be happy for someone when my life is a waste. It is not fair that some people are getting everything while I am nothing and always will be.

    I will NEVER value myself as long as I have this curse. So until they find a cure I will see myself as worthless and as long as someone doesn’t bring me up in a thread I will avoid it. I REFUSE to let people say things about me without defending myself. There is NO point in trying since no matter what I do I will always be a loser and have a limited time left before this disease destroys me. It may be 20 years or it may be one second… but it is unfair and I refuse to accept that.


    Unless they find a cure for this terrible disease I do not see things ever getting better. I will never be happy again. I have to fill every second of my day with things or I am googling to try to see how long I have until I am blind and paralyzed. My fear is I will wait too long and not be able to do anything and spend my life as a blind paralyzed person.

    I am very well aware the world doesn’t revolve around me. I do not even belong in this world so for you to assume I think the world revolves around me is insane. I do think I deserved a good life, but for you to basically say I don’t IS mean and disrespectful. No one deserves this disease and me thinking it is unfair is not thinking the world revolves around me. It is me being angry that my life is over. I will NEVER believe in a god who allows people like me to exist. Only a cruel and evil “god” would let someone like me be born and let me have a life where I am happy just to rip it all away. I want nothing at all to do with a god like that.,


      Thanks to Marti for starting this thread and thanks to all who replied. Per OP's request, this thread will now be closed.
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