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Neighbor with NO Boundaries Asking to Borrow Money - HELP!

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    It sounds like this guy has at least 2 problems - interpersonal interaction and money management.

    Neither of those problems are your responsibility, but you can deal with them without being mean about it. A simple "No" is all you need. No sorry. No explanation.

    Tony: Long sob story followed by, Can I borrow $100?
    You: No. (Neutral tone of voice. Instead of answering like it's about money, answer as if he asked if you like an ice cream flavor that you don't favor but don't hate.
    Tony: Sob story embellished some more.
    You: Have a good day. (Pleasant but not cherry/sing-songs tone of voice. Close door or turn away and continue what you're doing.)

    Add nothing like, "As a rule we don't loan money." Rules can be broken -and are - for the right situation or person, and he knows it. It's like telling the creep at work that you don't date men you work with when what you really men is no, never, not even if he were the last man on Earth. 🙂

    Don't mention your money situation as the reason you're not helping him. Why you're saying no is none of his business, anyway. He just needs to know that it will always be no.