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MS and problems with teeth?

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    MS and problems with teeth?

    I have been told about 10 yrs ago the pain in my gums over a specific tooth was MS related. Bizarre you say. Well yes I agree. I have now had it crowned. Been to entodontist said was ok. Then before I could get to regular DDS to finish a partial to attach to it extreme pain. Surprise next day not as bad. So what can I possibly think?

    Yes, I am crazy!!!! lol So call into endontist this am and then regular DDS after to progress to finish this mess. Perhaps a root canal thru the crown cause he SAYS it looks ok. Well fyi it doesn't feel ok. So I will add this to the list of the invisible things of MS folks. A question here has ANYONE else EVER had issues with their teeth/gums and been told it was the nerves due to MS?

    I personally haven't but I have had root canals that have failed. Is it possible that is what's happening?

    Hopefully this isn't the case but I worry that when providers realize we have MS it is like being a smoker or obese: suddenly every woe is due to that glaring condition.
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