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Anyone have this going on?

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    Anyone have this going on?

    Hi,Iíve noticed a delay in information to my brain.Hope that makes sense Itís like when my Dw tells me something it doesnít register for like five minutes maybe thatís a good Anyone else tia. Dave

    Hi Dave
    Over the last year or so I have been more and more aware that it takes me much longer to process what someone says and then formulate my response in my head ... also takes me longer to process things I am reading etc. I assume its a type of brain fog or some lesion activity in the thinking/executive functioning part of my brain??!

    Doesn't cause any problems but i do get frustrated at times
    :-) Sarah



      I have no cog fog as it is discussed in the threads but do have spasticity and gait issues.

      As I understand it; the leision(s) location / scar / corruption of the CNS system to and from the brain (or in the brain) delay the signal to walk, to open your hand, move your leg forward to take a step or.... in your case process information.

      Others here are more knowledgeable regarding this subject, seems like a possible relationship imho.

      As Sarah said... frustrating!